Suzanne Valadon Paintings

Suzanne Valadon (September 23, 1865 – April 7, 1938) was a French painter. She was born as Marie-Clémentine Valadon, at Bessines-sur-Gartempe, Haute-Vienne, France. In 1894, Valadon was the first woman painter of the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. She was mother to painter Maurice Utrillo. Learn more »

Paintings by Suzanne Valadon in Chronological Order

Self-Portrait, 1883 Portrait of Erik Satie, 1892 Woman with a Double Bass, 1908
Portrait of Marie Coca and her Daughter, 1913 Roses in a Vase, 1914 Farm Montcorin, 1918
Self-Portrait, 1918 Study of a cat, 1918 Two cats, 1918
Bouquet and a Cat, 1919 Flower vase on a round table, 1920 Louison and Raminou, 1920
Raminou sitting on a cloth, 1920 Portrait of Maurice Utrillo, 1921 Miss Lily Walton, 1922
Portrait of Monsieur Mori, 1922 View from My Window in Genets, 1922 Women in white stockings, 1924
Self-Portrait, 1927 Andre Utter and His Dogs, 1932 Raminou and pitcher with carnations, 1932
Geneviève Camax-Zoegger, 1936 Bouquet of flowers Still life

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