Still Life with Old Shoe

Still Life with Old Shoe
Artist Joan Miró
Year 1937
Medium Oil on canvas
Location MoMA, New York
Dimensions 32 × 46 in
81.3 cm × 116.8 cm
Joan Miró Famous Artwork
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The Farm, 1921–1922
Dona i Ocell, 1983
Still Life with Old Shoe, 1937
Portrait of Vincent Nubiola, 1917
Hands flying off toward the constellations, 1974
Complete Works

The oil painting entitled Still Life with Old Shoe is a work executed by the Spanish artist Joan Miró. The work was created in 1937 and now forms part of the New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. The painting was presented to the museum in 1970 by James Thrall Soby.


Miró left Spain at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, and moved with his wife and child to Paris, where they lived in a tiny apartment that gave the artist no room to work. The artist was forced to sketch his ideas on small cards.

Eventually, he was allocated a small work corner in a gallery where he completed Still Life with Old Shoe over a period of five months.

Style and Composition

The work is an abstract representation of Miró’s disenchantment with the situation in Spain. He wrote of his desire at the time to overcome reality. Everyday objects, such as the shoe in the title, a fork and food items, are rendered with a sinister form. The coloring is dark and moody.

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