Stenographic Figure

Stenographic Figure
Artist Jackson Pollock
Year 1942
Medium Oil on linen
Location Museum of Modern Art, New York
Dimensions 40 x 56 in
101.6 x 142.2 cm

The painting Stenographic Figure was completed in the year 1942 by famous painter Jackson Pollock. Unlike most of Pollock’s first few paintings, this painting is more colorful and the palette is not that somber. Many consider it as a bright and airy painting. In fact the prevalent style of this painting is regarded as abstract expressionism.

Artistic Techniques

Apart from viewing the flat and planar fields of color, one should also notice that Pollock went a step further in this painting. This is because there are two elementary humanoid forms which give more character to the painting. And this is where the name itself, Stenographic Figure, comes from. One of the figures is at the right edge of the painting, and the other one is just left of the center. Pollock then finished off the painting by applying calligraphic-like brush strokes in various parts of the painting.

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