St. Michael Vanquishing Satan

St. Michael Vanquishing Satan
Artist Raphael
Year 1518
Medium Oil transferred from wood to canvas
Location Louvre, Paris
Dimensions 106 in × 63 in
268 cm × 160 cm

The oil painting, St. Michael Vanquishing Satan, by Raphael which was finished in 1518 was commissioned by the Duke of Urbino as a sign of gratitude to then king of France, Louis XII, for bestowing to his nephew the Order of Saint Michael.

People often speculate that the artwork is not actually made by the master artist but by his right hand, Giulio Romano. The use of black ink to create a smoky and soot effect combined with the use of yellow, gold, orange and its derivative hues create a metallic effect to the painting, which is not commonly seen in the artworks by Raphael. Nevertheless, one would still be amazed about the details on the wings and cloth of the archangel, and the look of triumph on his face.