Sonia Delaunay Paintings

Sonia Delaunay (November 14, 1885 – December 5, 1979) was a Jewish-French artist. Along with her husband, Robert Delaunay and other artists, she co-founded the art movement of Orphism, which was noted for its use of geometric shapes and strong colors. Her expertise was in painting, stage set design, and textile design. In 1964 she was the first living woman artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre. In 1975, she was named a French Legion of Honor officer.

Paintings by Sonia Delaunay in Chronological Order

Philomene, 1907 Portrait of Philomene, 1907 Sleeping girl, 1907
Prose of the Trans-Siberian and of Little Jehanne of France, 1913 Dubonnet, 1914 Market at Minho, 1915
Portuguese Market, 1915 Flamenco dancer, 1916 Flamenco singer, 1916
Flamenco singer, 1916 Portugese Still Life, 1916 Utitled, 1917
Fabric Pattern, 1928 Composition 10, c.1930 Composition 11, c.1930
Composition 12, c.1930 Composition 13, c.1930 Composition 16, c.1930
Composition 18, c.1930 Composition 19, c.1930 Composition 21, c.1930
Composition 22, c.1930 Composition 24, c.1930 Composition 27, c.1930
Composition 28, c.1930 Composition 29, c.1930 Composition 30, c.1930
Composition 31, c.1930 Composition 32, c.1930 Composition 34, c.1930
Composition 35, c.1930 Composition 37, c.1930 Composition 39, c.1930
Composition 7, c.1930 Design in the style of Mondrian, possibly for a rug, from ‘Compositions, Colours, Ideas’, 1931 Rythme colore, 1952
Untitled gouache (Illustration for Tristan Tzara’s “Le fruit permis”), 1956 Untitled gouache (Illustration for Tristan Tzara’s “Le fruit permis”), 1956 Composition Red, Blue, Black, White, 1964
Color Rhythm, 1967 Abstract Composition, c.1970 Abstract Swirl, c.1970
Composition for XXe Siecle, 1972 Abstract Composition with Semicircles Abstract Composition with triangles and Semicircles
Color Rhythms Composition Composition
Composition Composition with Discs Composition with green and blue
Compositions Colors Ideas 14 Compositions, Couleurs, Idees Design
Distant Journeys Electric prisms Electric prisms
Summer Project Fabric Pattern Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration
Her Paintings, Her Objects Icarus Modernism
Montjoie Orfizme Revolution. Affiche
Rhythm Colour Rhythm Colour Rhythm Colour
Rythme Rythme Simultaneous Colors
Squares Swimsuits Terk
The Ball Three Women dressed simultaneously Tissu Project
Vogue Cover Word poetry, poetry of colors Zenith

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