Solly Madonna

Solly Madonna
Artist Raphael
Year 1500-1504
Medium Oil on wood
Location Gemäldegalerie, Berlin
Dimensions 20 in × 15 in
52 cm × 38 cm

It was the Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael Sanzio which created the work called Solly Madonna. This is an oil on wood painting that was created sometime between the years 1500 to 1504. Perugino, which was Raphael’s mentor, showed again his influence in this work. The Madonna is a recurrent subject in Raphael’s paintings just like in the Madonna del Cardellino and the Madonna & Child. In this painting however, the Madonna is holding or reading a book. Today, the Solly Madonna is located in Gemaldegalerie, Berlin. It was Edward Solly that owned it. The painting’s name is attributed to its owner.

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