Snow at Argenteuil

Snow at Argenteuil
Artist Monet
Year 1875
Medium Oil on canvas
Location National Gallery, London
Dimensions 28 in × 36 in
71 cm × 91 cm
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Claude Monet, the French impressionist painter, completed the painting Snow at Argenteuil in 1875. The painting, which measures 28 by 36 inches, is an oil on canvas work. It is in the possession of the National Gallery in London, to which it was bequeathed by Simon Sainsbury in the 1970s.

Argenteuil is a suburb of Paris and stands on the banks of the Seine. Monet lived there from 1871 to 1879. The area was affected by heavy snow during the winter of 1874-1875. Monet did a total of eighteen paintings of that winter in Argenteuil, of which this one is the largest.


In the center of the painting, two people are seen walking along a snow-covered roadway, the boulevard Saint-Denis, on which Monet lived. In the background, there are several buildings, including a prominent church. The snow is the most striking feature of the painting, with walls, roofs and tree branches all capped with it.

The art collector, Théodore Duret, claimed that when he showed the painting to Edouard Manet, the latter described the painting as “perfect.”

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