Sky and Water I

Sky and Water I
Artist M.C. Escher
Year 1938
Medium Woodcut
Dimensions 17.1 in × 17.3 in
43.5 cm × 43.9 cm
M.C. Escher Famous Paintings
The Waterfall, 1961
Relativity, 1953
Ascending and Descending, 1960
Drawing Hands, 1948
Sky and Water I, 1938
Three Worlds, 1955
House of Stairs, 1951
Belvedere, 1958
Another World, 1947
Complete Works

Sky and Water I by M.C. Escher is an interesting woodcut print which dates back to the year 1938. It basically consists of a plane made up of a series of birds and fish.


The fish and birds seem to fit with each other just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The middle part of the plane is the part where the transition from birds to fish, and vice versa, takes place. What one sees depends on whether he or she concentrates on the black or white, because at this point the birds and fish alternate. Moreover, as one moves towards the outer parts of the plane, the birds and the fish can be seen to look more three-dimensional. This print is very popular when it comes to studying visual perception. The elements form a simple, yet unique visual representation that calls for a thorough evaluation.

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