Self-Portrait with a Friend

Self-Portrait with a Friend
Artist Raphael
Year 1518-1519
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Louvre, Paris
Dimensions 39 in × 33 in
99 cm × 83 cm

Some people also call this painting, Double Portrait, which dates back to 1518 and up to present no one has revealed the identity of the man with the artist Raphael.

There are speculations that his apprentices Romano or Caravaggio might be drawn by their mentor, and others suggest that it was one of the loyal patrons of the artist who did this as a way of thanking him. There are also some who would mention that it might be Raphael’s teacher in fencing because of the man’s left hand holding something like a sword.

The facing forward of the artist and sideways look of the friend shows the versatility of the painter, and the use of neutral colors but differing tones and weight of the acrylic breathed life into the portrait.

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