Second Intermediate Period of Egypt

When the glory of the Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt started to wane, the kingdom proceeded to an era of disarray known as the Second Intermediate Period. During this time, the Hyksos ruled Egypt and established the 15th Dynasty.

Second Intermediate Period of Egypt Timeline (c. 1786 – 1567 B.C.)

1650 – 1550 B.C. Ibscha-smXois serves as the capital city of the 14th Dynasty, which begin with a provincial ruling family that branched from the central authority at the time
1640 B.C. The Hyksos, Semitic people from Western Asia, seize power in the eastern side of the Nile Delta of Egypt. They establish a capital in Avaris and introduce the horse-driven chariot and composite bow (15th and 16th Dynasties)
1640 B.C. The Egyptians still rule Upper Egypt in the south, maintaining their capital at Thebes. The 17th Dynasty begins with Nubkheperre Intef

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