Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby
Born 1960
Lakeland, Florida
Nationality American

Scott Kelby is an American photographer, publisher, and author. He is best known for publishing periodicals that deal with Adobe Photoshop, which is specifically designed for other photographers, design professionals, and artists. His work also deals with landscapes and portraits.

Early Life

Kelby was born in 1960 in Lakeland, Florida. As a young man, he fell in love with photography. Together with his brother, they spent a lot of time taking photographs. At one point, Kelby even had his own studio. According to Scott, he got into Photoshop after opening a small graphic design studio with his wife. This studio acted as an art department for small advertising agencies who could not afford their own in-house designers. This is where he was introduced to Photoshop 2.0.

Career Life

Scott Kelby is currently the publisher and editor of Photoshop User magazine. Kelby is a co-founder and also president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the president of Kelby Media Group as well.

This is a publishing, training, and software company based in Florida. Scott Kelby is a training director in Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tours. He has also been featured in several online training sessions and DVDs about using Photoshop. Kelby has also been a well-respected trainer since 1993.

Books and Publications

kelby2Apart from being a great photographer, Scott is also a designer and an award-winning author. He has written dozens of books, including Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It, The Digital Photography Book, The iPhone Book: How to Do the Things You Want with Your iPhone, and many others. Most of his books have actually been translated into several other languages such as Taiwanese, French, Japanese, Swedish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and others.

In 2007, Scott created and designed, a website that is meant to bring most of his own training materials on the web in just a single site for one easy location. The following year, he started the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk which is composed of community photos in over 1,300 cities from the entire world. More than 30,000 photographers from the whole world have been taking part.

Kelby’s TV Credits

Since 2005, Scott has been the co-presenter in the Photoshop User TV podcast. This show was actually named after his organization’s flagship magazine. Basically, this is a 30 to 45 minute television show that started as Photoshop TV. Each and every week, the show is also available for download and viewing at a site named In this show, Scott and other friends discuss Adobe Photoshop and ways to use it productively in a conversational and witty style.

In 2011, Scott Kelby started a television talk show entitled The Grid. In this show, he brings different photographers together to discuss current photography stories and even take questions from the audience.

Awards and Recognitions

Scott is a famous bestselling author and he has received the Benjamin Franklin Award. His book entitled The Digital Photography Book has become one of the best-selling books in the history of digital photography. He has also been named as the best-selling technology author in the world for six years.

Scott has joined social sites like Twitter and Facebook. He has a large fan base and his channel on YouTube has a huge following with thousands of views.