Russian Schoolroom

Russian Schoolroom
Artist Norman Rockwell
Year 1967
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Private collection
Dimensions 16 in × 37 in
40 cm × 93 cm
Norman Rockwell Famous Artwork
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Russian Schoolroom, 1967
Rosie The Riveter, 1943
Complete Works

Russian Schoolroom is an interesting oil painting by Norman Rockwell which dates back to 1967. This is a depiction of a class of attentive Russian students, who are supposedly listening to their teacher’s lesson. On the left there is also a bust of Vladimir Lenin who was a Soviet leader. There is one boy who is not focusing as the other students are, and he is evidently looking to the other side.

This painting was used as an illustration in Look magazine with the intent of providing more detail about the Soviet life in those years. It is a subtle way of depicting non-conformity in a very strict political era.

Qualities and Techniques

The students and their attentive, serious faces are very realistically depicted in this painting. Norman Rockwell used photography as a method which accompanied his artistic techniques, in that he first shot photos, then used them as a reference for his paintings. He also liked to use charcoal drawing marks which are evident through the paint, as well as glazing techniques.

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