Roman Kingdom

Ancient Roman civilization was originally a monarchy; a single king held all of the power over the city of Rome and its surrounding territories. The history of the kingdom is somewhat obscure since very few written records exist from the actual time period. Much of what is known was written during the Republic and Empire and was based off of legends and oral traditions. The rule of kings was eliminated around 509 B.C., after which a republic government ruled Rome.

Kingdom of Rome Timeline (753 BC-509 BC)

1200 BC Platner_-_Ancient_Rome_city_map_sEtruscans settled in the northern reaches of modern day Italy.
753 BC Village of Rome was found. Legends credit Romulus and Remus as the establishers of the Roman Kingdom.
753 – 716 BC Romulus became and was king for 37 years. His reign included war with the Sabines, whom Romulus brought under his rule alongside the Romans.
716 – 673 BC Rome_in_753_BC_sNuma Pompilius reigned as the Roman King. His rule was one of relative peace and prosperity. He built the temple of Janus in Rome.
673 – 641 BC Tullus Hostilius ruled as king. His reign included a war with the Etruscans. Also, the Roman Patricians and Plebians were established during this time period.
641 – 616 BC Ancus Marcius ruled as king. His time included a war with the Latins.
616 – 578 BC Four-regions-of-Rome-sTarquinius Priscus ruled as king. There was a rise of the Vestal Virgins, senate, and the plebs.
578 – 534 BC Servius Tullius ruled as king.
534 – 509 BC Tarquinius Superbus, also known as Tarquin the Proud, ruled as the last king of Rome. His title of “Proud” came from his tyrannical rule of the Roman Kingdom. His reign was marked by war with the Volscian and the founding of the Capitoline Hill temple.
509 BC Lucius Junius Brutus led a rebellion which overthrew Tarquinius Superbus and banished the royal family. The nobles established a Republic ruled by an overarching Senate and annually elected consuls. Brutus was one of the first Consuls of the Republic.

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