Robert Indiana Paintings

Robert Indiana (1928 – 2018) was an American Pop artist. After serving for three years in the U.S. Air Force, he went to school at the Art Institute of Chicago where he earned his BFA in 1954. After some encouragement from fellow artist and friend, Ellsworth Kelly, Indiana settled in the Coenties Slip, a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. Consequently he became a part of an art community which included Kelly, Agnes Martin, James Rosenquist, and Jack Youngerman. He is most famous for his series of LOVE paintings, which spell out the word “love” in colorfully painted typography.

Paintings by Robert Indiana in Chronological Order:

Twenty Golden Orbs, 1959 French Atomic Bomb, 1960 Moon, 1960
The American Dream, I, 1961 Law, 1962 Bob’s Column, 1964
Four Winds (from 1 CENT LIFE Portfolio), 1964 Robert Indiana, New Art, Stable New York, 1964 Sex Anyone?, 1964
Four Panel Love, 1972 Ahava, 1977 Art, 1977
The Garden of Love, 1982 Numbers 1-9 (1), 1983 Numbers 1-9 (2), 1983
Amor, 1984 Mars, 1990 Wall: Two Stone, 1990
The American Art, 1992 Ahava, 1993 Chosen Love, 1995
Heliotherapy Love, 1995 German Love, 1996 The Book of Love #11, 1996
Picasso, The American Dream, 1998 Cyclops, 1999 Nine, 2001
The Ninth American Dream, 2001 School of the Slip, 2004 Hope, 2008
Hope Red/Blue, 2009 Summer I (HOPE Wall: Rainbow Roll #1), 2010 Silver/Blue Alphabet Wall, 2011
Tikva, 2011