Robert Delaunay Paintings

Robert Delaunay (April 12, 1885 – October 25, 1941) was a French artist. He, his wife Sonia Delaunay, and others co-founded the art movement of Orphism, noted for its characteristic use of geometric shapes and strong colors. His later works became more abstract, reminiscent of Paul Klee. He had a love of experimenting with depth and tone and preferred to use bold colors.

Paintings by Robert Delaunay in Chronological Order

In the Garden, c.1904 Man with a Tulip (also known as Portrait of Jean Metzinger), 1906 Study for The City, 1909-1910
Ciudades. City, 1911 Eiffel Tower, 1911 The Red Tower, 1911
Rhythm, 1912 Simultaneous Windows (2nd Motif, 1st Part), 1912 The Three Graces, 1912
The City of Paris, 1912 Window, 1912 Windows Open Simultaneously 1st Part, 3rd Motif, 1912
Woman with umbrella. The Parisian, 1913 Eiffel Tower, 1909-1914 Homage to Bleriot, 1914
Poring, 1915-1916 The Bowl, 1916 Tall Portuguese Woman, 1916
The Cardiff Team, 1922 Portrait of Madame Heim, c.1927 Circular Forms, 1930
The Joy of Life, 1930 Rythm, 1934 Rythm, 1939
Color Explosion Eiffel Tower Premier Disque
Rhythm Rhythm Color St. Severin, No. 3
The Cardiff Team Window, Eiffel Tower

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