Remedios Varo Paintings

Remedios Varo Uranga (December 16, 1908 – October 8, 1963) was a Spanish-Mexican anarchist and para-surrealist painter. She was born in Anglès in the province of Girona, Spain. Her birth name was María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga Varo y Uranga in. She studied at the Academia de San Fernando de Madrid in 1924. During the Spanish Civil War she fled to Paris where, she found artistic inspiration in the surrealist movement. She was first married to the painter Gerardo Lizarraga, whom she never divorced. She met her second husband, the French surrealist poet Benjamin Péret in Barcelona. While there she was affiliated with the art group, Logicophobiste. They met one another through a mutual friendship with Oscar Dominguez, a Surrealist artist. Learn more »

Paintings by Remedios Varo in Chronological Order

Portrait of Grandmother Doña Josefa Zejalvo, 1926 Eyes on the table, 1938 Magic grotto, 1942
Tightrope walkers, 1944 My friend Agustin Lazo, 1945 Weird life, 1945
Gypsy and harlequin, 1947 Malaria, 1947 The battle, 1947
Allegory of Winter, 1948 Rheumatic pain, 1948 Pain, 1948
Cold, 1948 Rheumatic pain, 1948 Valley of the Moon, 1950
Garden of love, 1951 Premonition, 1953 Creation with astral rays, 1955
Cats Paradise, 1955 Breaking off, 1955 Revelation (The watch), 1955
Sympathy, 1955 Dead Leaves, 1956 Find, 1956
Harmony, 1956 Three destinations, 1956 Ladies’ Suit, 1957
Witch going to the Sabbath, 1957 Alchemy or the Useless Science, 1958 Farewell, 1958
The World, 1958 The rich, 1958 The Labrador, 1958
Fantastic animal, 1959 Homo rodans, 1959 Disturbing presence, 1959
Plant, 1960 Floral bouquet with birds, 1960 Portrait of Juan Martín, 1960
Embroidering the Earth’s mantle, 1961 By Aquarium, 1961 Aurora, 1962
Plant architecture, 1962 As the Volante, 1962 Still life Reslicitando, 1963
The Pollution of the Water Exploring River of The Source Orinonoco Ascension
Astral Personne The ladies at Bonhuer Bankersin Action
Night-fighter Center of Universe Cosmic Energy
Creation of the Birds The Gathering The Fern Cat
The Minotaur Abut Quiador
Phenomenon Gravity Towards The Tower
Hairy Locomotion Ambulatory internship Invocation
Expedition Aqua Aurea The Flight The Call
Emerging Luz Microcosm Mimicry
Saljendodel Woman Psychoanalyst Born Again Boy And Butterfly
Character Character Plant Insumsia
Caravan Solar Music Star Catcher
Star Maker Trasitoen Espiral Troubadour
Vagabond Vegeta Vampires Magic Flight or Zamfonia
The World Beyond Female spirit of the night I’ll pass them apart
Vagabond The task Lunar reflection
Theft of substance The emigrants Creation of the world or microcosm
The Juggler Amoebiasis or vegetables The flautist
Centaur tower Landscape Taurus The desire

2 responses to “Remedios Varo Paintings”

  1. em says:

    I really love her work. She is one of my favorite painter as well. Too bad – her work— even reproductions on poster– is so hard to find.

  2. Russell Karbach says:

    Remedios Varo ( and Lenora Carrington are my new found Queens of the Surreal and magical artwork

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