Raoul Dufy Paintings

Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) was a multi-skilled French painter who explored Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism during his career as an artist. He was well known for depicting the leisurely activities of his day which consisted of many outdoor scenes. In 1905, Dufy was exposed to a painting by the Fauvist Henri Matisse, which steered him away from Impressionism and towards the bright, passionate boldness of Fauvism. He would later dabble in Cubism as well. Throughout all of his stylistic explorations, Dufy’s work remained primarily cheerful and pleasant to the eye. In the 1920s he began designing ceramics, tapestries, and architectural decorations as well.

Paintings by Raoul Dufy in Chronological Order:

Self Portrait, 1899 Pier of Le Havre in the Evening, 1901 Self-Portrait, 1901
Landscape in Falaise, 1902 The Beach at Sainte Adresse, 1902 View of a Port, c.1902
View of Paris from Monmartre, 1902 Carnival on the Grands Boulevards, 1903 Harfleur, 1903
Theatre in Martigues, 1903 Portrait of the Artist’s Sister, Suzanne Dufy, 1904 The Beach of Sainte-Adresse, 1904
The Fish Market, Marseille, c.1904 The Louis-Philippe Bridge and the Saint Gervais Church, 1904 The Pantheon and St. Etienne-du-Mont, c.1904
The Saint Gervais Church, 1904 The Beach and pier at Trouville, 1905 The Empavesado Yacht, 1905
The River, c.1905 4th of July, 1906 Flags, 1906
Frouzette And Her Father, 1906 Posters at Trouville, 1906 Street Decked with Flags, 1906
The Casino, 1906 The English Yacht, 1906 The Jetty at Sainte-Adresse, 1906
The Port of Le Havre, 1906 Travelling Show, 1906 Umbrellas, 1906
Window with Coloured Glasses, 1906 Jeanne with Flowers, 1907 Martigues, 1907
Men Fishing, 1907 Terrace of a Café, 1907 The Onion Market, c.1907
The Port of Palais, Belle Ille/em>, 1907 Trouville, 1907 Anglers, 1908
Arcades at L’Estaque, 1908 Boats at Martigues, 1908 Interior with Fruit Bowl, 1908
L`avenue du Bois, 1908 Landscape with red and yellow, c.1908 The Woman in Pink, 1908
Trees at Estaque, 1908 Houses in Munich, 1909 Pedistal Table, Rue Seguier, 1909
Riders, 1909 Still life with Bananas, 1909 Storm at Sainte Adresse, 1909
The Studio on Seguier Street, 1909 Landscape of Falaise, 1910 Love, 1910
Palm Trees At Martigues (Homage To Gauguin), 1910 Study of the ‘Dance’, 1910 The Beach at Havre, 1910
The Botanical Garden, 1910 The Pleasures of Peace: Dance (The Journey to the Islands), 1910 View From An Open Window, c.1910
Cubist Landscape with Haystacks, c.1913 - Raoul Dufy - WikiArt.org
Sailboat at Sainte-Adresse, 1912 Cubist Landscape with Haystacks,1913 Fountain in Avignon, 1913
Trees, 1913 Birdcage, 1914 Large Bather, 1914
The fisherman with net, 1914 The Neapolitan Fisherman, 1914 Homage to Mozart, c.1915
Hommage to Mozart, 1915 The Duke of Reichstadt, c.1915 The Violin, 1916
Portrait of Madame Dufy, 1917 Landscape of Montfort l Amaury, 1918 Fishing (Design for fabric), c.1919
The Hunt (Design for fabric), c.1919 The Park of Saint-Cloud, 1919 Acrobats, 1922
Parisian Bridge, 1922 The Trapeze Artists, 1922 The Mediterranean, 1923
Vence, 1923 Oarsmen on the Marne, 1925 Boats in Le Havre, 1926
Gallant Green, 1926 Hotel Sube, 1926 Landscape of Esterel, 1926
Arcades at Vallauris, 1927 Casino of Nice, 1927 Homage To Claude Lorrain, 1927
Marie Max, 1927 Indian Model in the Studio at l’impasse Guelman, 1928 Open Window, 1928
Still life, 1928 The casino of Nice, 1929 The Wheat Field, 1929
Chateau and Horses, 1930 Interior with Indian Woman, 1930 Portrait of Mrs. Dufy, 1930
Races With Goodwwood, 1930 The Grid, 1930 Yacht Club, 1931
Pierre Geismar, 1932 Henley Regatta, c.1933 Houses in Trouville, 1933
Paris, 1934 Regatta at Cowes, 1934 The Surrender of the Frigate, 1934
The Basin of Deauville, 1935 The Sea in Deauville, 1935 The Nautical Club with Cowes, 1936
Anemones, 1937 Bouquet of flowers, 1937 Electricity, 1937
Aubusson tapestry, 1941 - Raoul Dufy 
Pink bunch, 1940 The Thoroughbred, 1940 Aubusson Tapestry, 1941
Gladioli, 1942 The Red Concert, 1946 Console With Two Windows, 1948
The Bullfight, 1949 The Yellow Console with a Violin, 1949 Treading the Blue Sky, 1949
The Racecourse of Deauville, 1950 The Mexican Musicians, c.1951 The Mexican Orchestra, 1951
Homage to Claude Debussy, 1952 Still life with violin: Hommage to Bach, 1952 Anemones, 1953
Anemones Bouquet of flowers Bouquet of roses
Clowns and Musicians Design for fabric Martigues
Phonography Red quartet Sandy beach of Sainte-Adresse
The house in Marrakech The Port of Martigues The square in Hyeres
View of Sainte-Adresse Villerville

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