Ralph Goings Paintings

Ralph Goings (1928-2016) was an American artist who is most well known for his Photorealist paintings of diners, gas stations, coffee shops, pick up trucks and other distinctly American scenery. His mediums of choice were watercolors and oils. Goings is considered to be a part of the original group of Photorealist painters who emerged during the 1960s and 1970s. Photorealist painters like Goings received criticism for heavily referencing photography within their works, however, Goings didn’t let that stop him. He went on to become a very prominent painter of the Photorealist Movement and his works have been exhibited all over the world.

Paintings by Ralph Goings in Chronological Order:

American Salad, 1966 Rainbow, 1968 McDonalds Pickup, 1970
Golden Dodge, 1971 Flowered Table Top, 1978 Blue Napkin Holder, 1980
Still Life With Peppers, 1981 Ralph’s Diner, 1982 Booth Group, 1983
Sugar Dispenser (Front View), 1989 Sugar Dispenser, 1989 Diner, 1990
Five Spot Still Life, 1990 Relish, 1990 Sweet ‘n Low, 1990
Village Cafe, 1990 Creamer, 1994 Pepper Shaker – Blue, 1994
Tux, 2003 Coffee and Donut, 2005 Three on a Plate, 2008
Chocolate on Top, 2009 Two Chocolate, 2009 Chocolate Lean, 2010
Fresh Daily, 2010 On the Edge, 2010 Vanilla, 2010
Giorgio’s Table Sauces Still Life with Mirror

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