R.B. Kitaj Paintings

R.B. Kitaj (1932 – 2007) was an American artist whose work was a unique blend of Pop Art collage and Abstract Expressionism. Kitaj was born in Ohio and as a young man he worked for a Norwegian freighting company. He served in the US Army for a brief period before traveling to Europe to pursue an art education. Kitaj studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art in Oxford and the Royal College of Art in London. While living in England, he became close friends with fellow artist, David Hockney. His work often explored his Jewish heritage, political history, sexuality, and contemporary life.

Paintings by R. B. Kitaj in Chronological Order:

America (Baseball) Apotheosis of Groundlessness Artists for Peace
Bather (Psychotic Boy) Cecil Ct London WC2 (The Refugees) Desk Murder
Dismantling the Red Tent Do you know the country? If Not, Not
Mary Ann Portrait of Walter Lippman The Autumn of Central Paris
The Friendship and the Shadow of Betrayal The Jewish School (Drawing a Golem) The Man of the Woods and the Cat of the Mountains
The Orientalist