Roman Emperor
In Power 270
Born Around 212
Sirmium, Pannonia Inferior
Died 270
Aquileia, Italy

Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus was born around 212 in Pannonia Inferior. He was not fortunate enough to be born into a wealthy and influential family but gained entry into Roman politics when his brother, Claudius II, became emperor following the death of Gallienus.

Rise to Power

Quintillus’ brother, Claudius II, had destroyed Alemanni and Gothic forces during his rule and was widely remembered as a competent emperor. However, Claudius II soon died of the Cyprian Plague while trying to wipe out the remaining Goths his army had cornered on Mount Haemus. Shortly after, Quintillus replaced him on the imperial throne in 270.


While the Danubian legions declared the Roman cavalry commander, Aurelian, as their emperor, Quintillus had the backing of the Senate and the military. Quintillus ruled for only a few months, and not much was recorded during this short time. It is even believed that he never had the chance to enter Rome. However, historians believed that the Senate held him in high regard despite his short rule.


The circumstances surrounding Quintillus’ death are obscure. The largely unreliable Historia Augusta states that Quintillus was a severe military commander, and for this, he was killed by his own men. Some historians say he died in a battle against Aurelian, and still, others say he killed himself by cutting his vein.

Following his death, Aurelian succeeded him on the throne.