Portrait of Perugino

Portrait of Perugino
Artist Raphael or Lorenzo di Credi
Year 1504
Medium Tempera on wood
Location Uffizi, Florence
Dimensions 22 in × 17 in
57 cm × 42 cm

The Portrait of Perugino is self titled as the image itself is that of Perugino, Raphael’s teacher. It was painted in the year 1504. The medium used was tempera on wood. It measures fifty seven centimetres by forty two centimetres. It is currently on display at the Uffizi gallery in Florence. The painting has been in galleries in Florence since 1704 when it used to be pinpointed as a depiction of Martin Luther. The work then was credited to Hans Holbein the Younger. In 1825 however, it was said to be a work of Lorenzo di Credi; while in 1822, it was attributed as a work by Perugino himself. However by the 1930s, art historians began attributing it to Raphael.