Portrait of Maddalena Doni

Portrait of Maddalena Doni
Artist Raphael
Year 1506
Medium Oil on wood
Location Palazzo Pitti, Florence
Dimensions 25 in × 18 in
63 cm × 45 cm

The Portrait of Maddalena Doni shows the married couple Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Doni. It was oil on wood painting and was painted in between 1506 and 1507 by Raphael. It is currently housed in Pitti Palace in Florence. The portrait looks like the Mona Lisa painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. The picture plane is almost like that of Mona Lisa where the hands are placed on top of one another. It was believed that the inspiration of the artwork is Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece because Raphael studies Da Vinci when he painted that portrait. The contrasts of elements used created balance in the art work.