Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga

Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga
Artist Raphael
Year 1504-1505
Medium Oil on wood
Location Uffizi, Florence
Dimensions 20.8 in × 14.7 in
52.9 cm × 37.4 cm

The artwork named the Portrait of Elisabetta Gonzaga is a painting by the famous Italian Renaissance painter, Raphael. It was created between the years 1504 to 1505. The medium used was oil on wood. The dimensions of the work are 52.9 centimetres by 37.4 centimetres. Currently, the artwork is displayed at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. This piece was said to be brought in 1635 to Florence as a dowry for Vittoria della Rovere. During 1784, the painting was credited to the school of Giovanni Bellini. However, by 1825 it was attributed to Andrea Mategna. It was only during 1905 when it was credited for the 1st time to Raphael.