Portrait of Bindo Altoviti

Portrait of Bindo Altoviti
Artist Raphael
Year 1512-1515
Medium Oil on wood
Location National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Dimensions 24 in × 17 in
60 cm × 44 cm

People often speculated that this oil painting of a handsome young man was the ideal portrait of the artist, Raphael, for himself. The artwork was said to be finished in 1515, and was a representation of love – love that is pure enough to make every strong man become gentler and softer in nature, with the passion being represented by the rosy cheeks.

The use of light and shadow together with a rich blend of colors are seen to be not typical of his previous works. It was later found out that it was an illustration for the rich Florentine banker, Bindo Altovoiti, who was a known patron of the arts.