Portrait of Agnolo Doni

Portrait of Agnolo Doni
Artist Raphael
Year 1506
Medium Oil on wood
Location Palazzo Pitti, Florence
Dimensions 25 in × 18 in
63 cm × 45 cm

The Italian Renaissance master Raphael, painted the Portrait of Agnolo Doni between 1506 and 1507. The portrait gives the picture of a merchant and his wife. The subjects of the painting were known to be Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi. The two were married in 1503. It was the time Raphael studies the art of Leonardo Da Vinci when he executed the portrait. The portrait shows the wealth of the couple because of the jewels and type of clothes shown in the painting. This work marked the beginning of Raphael’s maturity in terms of artistry. The elements of the portrait created balance which made the painting more realistic.