Portrait of a Young Woman

Portrait of a Young Woman
Artist Raphael
Year 1518-1519
Medium Oil on wood
Location Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Rome
Dimensions 33 in × 24 in
85 cm × 60 cm

Italian Renaissance Painter Raphael executed the Portrait of a Young Woman between 1507 and 1508. It is also known as La Muta. Oil paint was used for this painting. The Galleria Nazionale delle Marche in Urbino provides the home for the precious artwork. The portrait depicts an unknown noblewoman in a nearly black background. The portrait is believed to be influenced by Leonardo Da Vinci’s works. It was mentioned as one of Raphael’s best paintings. It is said that Raphael pays attention to every detail and the contrasts of colors in his every painting. It is evident in the woman’s clothing of the portrait that Raphael is very keen on details.