Plato Quiz

  1. What was Plato’s primary occupation?
    a) Philosopher
    b) Mathematician
    c) Playwright
    d) Astronomer

  2. Who was Plato’s most famous student?
    a) Socrates
    b) Aristotle
    c) Pythagoras
    d) Diogenes

  3. What was the name of the philosophical school founded by Plato?
    a) The Lyceum
    b) The Academy
    c) The Stoa
    d) The Cynic School

  4. Which famous philosopher was Plato’s teacher?
    a) Socrates
    b) Aristotle
    c) Pythagoras
    d) Diogenes

  5. What is the name of Plato’s most famous work?
    a) Nicomachean Ethics
    b) The Republic
    c) Metaphysics
    d) Symposium

  6. What concept does Plato introduce in his Allegory of the Cave?
    a) The Forms
    b) The Golden Mean
    c) Moral Relativism
    d) The Philosopher King

  7. In Plato’s ideal state, who would be the rulers?
    a) The wealthy
    b) The military
    c) The Philosopher Kings
    d) The common people

  8. Which field of study did Plato believe was the most important for understanding reality?
    a) Rhetoric
    b) Geometry
    c) Biology
    d) History

  9. What is the main subject of Plato’s dialogue “Symposium”?
    a) Justice
    b) Love
    c) Knowledge
    d) Politics

  10. Which philosophical theory posits that non-material abstract forms or ideas have the highest and most fundamental kind of reality?
    a) Empiricism
    b) Materialism
    c) Idealism
    d) Skepticism

Answer Key:

  1. a) Philosopher
  2. b) Aristotle
  3. b) The Academy
  4. a) Socrates
  5. b) The Republic
  6. a) The Forms
  7. c) The Philosopher Kings
  8. b) Geometry
  9. b) Love
  10. c) Idealism