Pieter de Hooch Paintings

Pieter de Hooch (1629 – 1684) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. He was well known for his paintings of domestic interior scenes. The people that he painted were always the most important part of his compositions; the environment always came second and therefore was not quite as detailed as they were in some of his contemporaries’ paintings. It is believed that Hooch’s paintings may have influenced Vermeer, though it is not entirely certain.

Paintings by Pieter de Hooch in Chronological Order:

Happy Drinker, c.1650 Woman with Basket of Beans in the Kitchen Garden, 1651 Tavern Scene with Maid Trying to Fill the Glass of a Cavalier (The Empty Glass), c.1652
Man Offering a Glass of Wine to a Woman, 1653 Two Soldiers and a Serving Woman with a Trumpeter, c.1655 The Morning Toilet of a Young Man, c.1656
Interior of a Dutch House, c.1657 The Visit, c.1657 Two Women with a Child in Court, c.1657
A Dutch Courtyard, c.1658 A woman and a Child on a Bleichwiese, c.1658 A Woman Drinking with Two Men, c.1658
A Woman with a Baby in Her Lap, and a Small Child, 1658 Cardplayers, 1658 Courtyard of a House in Delft, 1658
Paying the Hostess, 1658 Soldiers Playing Cards, c.1658 The Courtyard of a House in Delft, c.1658
Woman and a Child in a Pantry, c.1658 Woman Drinking with Soldiers, 1658 Nursing mother, c.1659
The Bedroom, c.1659 A Woman and a Maid in a Courtyard, c.1660 Woman and Child in a Courtyard, c.1660
Interior with a Mother Delousing Her Child, c.1660 Dutch family, c.1662 Mother at the Cradle, c.1662
A Woman Peeling Apples, c.1663 At the Linen Closet, 1663 Portrait of a Family of Musicians, 1663
Woman with Infant, Serving Maid with Child, c.1663 Company in Garden Interior with Figures, c.1664
Skittle Players in a Garden, c.1664 The Card Players, c.1664 Woman Reading a Letter, 1664
The Council Chamber of the Burgomasters, c.1665 - Pieter de Hooch
Woman Weighing Gold Coins, c.1664 A Mistress and her Maid, c.1665 The Council Chamber of the Burgermasters, c.1665
Couple with Parrot, 1668 Woman hands over money to her servant, 1670 Card Players at a Table, c.1672
A Musical Conversation, 1674 A sick child, c.1675 A Musical Party, 1677
Concert, c.1680 Company Making Music Going for the Walk
Interior Interior with Two Gentleman and a Woman Beside a Fire Tric Trac Spieler
Woman with a Child and a Maid in an Interior