Paul Gauguin Paintings

Paul Gaugin was a French Post-Impressionist painter, writer, ceramist, printmaker, and sculptor. His art was not greatly appreciated until after his life. He was an prominent figure in the Symbolist movement. He also lead the way to the appreciation of Primitivism, as his paintings inspired the simplistic techniques employed by other artists. Paul was born in Paris, France and moved to Orleans at the age of seven. As an adult, he joined the French Navy and later was employed as a stockbroker. In France, he began painting in his free time, and became friends Camille Pisarro, who introduced him to other artists. Learn more »

Paintings by Paul Gauguin in Chronological Order

Clearing, 1873 In the forest Saint Cloud, 1873 The Forest Path, 1873
Working the land, 1873 Tree in the farm yard, 1874 Cail Factories and Quai of Grenelle, 1875
Chicken Coop, c.1875 Landscape with Poplars, 1875 Mette asleep on a sofa, 1875
Pears and grapes, 1875 The Seine at the Pont d’Iena, 1875 The Seine in Paris, 1875
The Seine opposite the wharf de passy, 1875 Port de Grenelle, 1875 Bouquet of Peonies on a Musical Score, 1876
China Asters, Hat and Book, c.1876 Daisies and peonies in blue vase, 1876 Man with a Toque, c.1876
Port de Javel, 1876 Port de Javel, 1876 Still life with oysters, 1876
Still life with red mullet and jug, 1876 Autumn Landscape (Farm and pond), 1877 Portrait of a child (Aline Gauguin), c.1877
Portrait of Claude Antoine Charles Favre, 1877 Portrait of Ingeborg Thaulow, 1877 The embroiderer or Mette Gauguin, 1878
Apple-Trees in Blossom, 1879 Garden under Snow, 1879 Geese on the farm, 1879
Portrait of Gaugin’s daughter Aline, 1879 Riverside (Breton landscape), 1879 The market gardens of Vaugirard, 1879
Vaugirard church, 1879 Winter Landscape, 1879 Clay jug and irin mug, 1880
Flowers and carpet (Pansies), 1880 Houses at Vaugirard, 1880 Mandolin on a chair, 1880
Still life with fruit plate, 1880 To Make a Bouquet, 1880 Banks of the Oise, 1881
Corner of the garden rue Carsal, c.1881 Flowers and carpet, 1881 Interior of the Painter’s House, rue Carcel, 1881
Party wall, 1881 Pissarro’s Garden, Pontoise, 1881 Pond with Ducks (Girl Amusing Herself), 1881
River bank in winter, c.1881 Still life with Oranges, 1881 Still life. Vase with flowers on the window, 1881
The Queen’s Mill, 1881 Young Girl Dreaming (Study of a Child Asleep), 1881 At the Window, 1882
Aube the Sculptor and His Son, 1882 Blue Barge, 1882 Bouquet of flowers, 1882
Flowers and Japanese book, 1882 Gratte roosters path, 1882 Mountain landscape, 1882
Quarries at Pontoise, 1882 Quarry hole in the cliff, 1882 Aline Gauguin and one of her brothers, c.1883
Double portrait of a young girl, 1883 Farm in Osny, 1883 Garden In Rue Carcel, c.1883
Harbour Scene, Dieppe, c.1883 Ingeborg Thaulow, 1883 Mandolina and Flowers, 1883
Osny, rue de Pontoise, Winter, 1883 Stream in Osny, 1883 Street in Osny, 1883
The farm in Grue, 1883 The garden in winter, rue Carcel, 1883 Tomatoes and a pewter tankard on a table, 1883
Village street, Osny, 1883 A Henhouse, 1884 Abandoned garden in Rouen, c.1884
Basket of flowers, 1884 Blue roofs of Rouen, 1884 Bouquet, 1884
Clovis Gauguin asleep, 1884 Hillside, 1884 Landscape near Osny, c.1884
Mette Gauguin in an Evening Dress, 1884 Nasturtiums & dahlias in a basket, 1884 Near Rouen, 1884
Near Rouen, 1884 Normandy Landscape: Cow in a Meadow, 1884 Notre Dame des Agnes, 1884
Orchard under the Church of Bihorel, 1884 Osny, the gate of Busagny farm, 1884 Portrait of a seated man, 1884
Portrait of Aline, 1884 Portrait of Isidore Gauguin, 1884 Returning from the harvest (Manuring), 1884
Rouen at spring, 1884 Rouen suburb, 1884 Rue Jouvenet, Rouen, 1884
Skaters in Fredericksberg park, 1884 Street in Rouen, 1884 Street in Rouen, 1884
Sunken Lane, 1884 The artist’s children, 1884 The cliffs of Le-Bouille, 1884
The Port Of Rouen, 1884 The road up, 1884 The square pond, 1884
The vase of peonies, 1884 Two cows in the meadow, 1884 Wooded path, 1884
Young woman lying in a grass, 1884 Bare Trees, 1885 Bathing, Dieppe, 1885
Boy by the Water, 1885 By the Stream, Autumn, 1885 Cattle drinking, 1885
Cliff near Dieppe, 1885 Conversation, 1885 Dahlias in a copper vase, 1885
Donkey by lane, 1885 Evening primroses in the vase, 1885 Flowers and a bird, c.1885
Geese in the meadow, 1885 Haymaking near Dieppe, 1885 Horse and Cow in a Meadow, 1885
Landscape, 1885 Landscape with cows in an Orchard, 1885 Lilac bouquet, 1885
Oestervold Park, Copenhagen, 1885 Pere Jean’s Path, 1885 Portrait of Achille Granchi Taylor, 1885
Portrait of Philibert Favre, 1885 Red roof by the water, 1885 Self Portrait, 1885
Stabble near Dieppe, 1885 Still life of onions and pigeons and room interior Copenhagen, 1885 Still Life with a Mandolin, 1885
Still life with carafe and ceramic figure, 1885 The Forest Edge, 1885 Tree linen road, Rouen, 1885
Two vases of flowers and a fan, 1885 Watering place, 1885 White house, 1885
Willows, 1885 Winter’s end, 1885 Women bathing (Dieppe), 1885
Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont-Aven, 1886 Bordeaux Harbour, 1886 Breton Woman, 1886
Clovis, 1886 Coastal landscape, 1886 Cows on the Seashore, 1886
Farm in Brittany, 1886 Fire by the water, 1886 Four Breton Women, 1886
Fruit, 1886 Fruit in a bowl, 1886 Landscape at Pont-Aven, 1886
Lollichon Field, 1886 Lollichon’s Field and the Church of Pont-Aven, 1886 Pont-Aven woman and child, 1886
Pots and Boquets, 1886 Red hat, 1886 Rocks and sea, 1886
Schooner and three masters, 1886 Stabble near Dieppe, 1886 Still Life with Cherries, 1886
Still life with horse’s head, 1886 Still Life with Profile of Laval, 1886 Still life with white bowl, 1886
Suburb under snow, 1886 The boss’s daughter, 1886 The vase of nasturtiums, 1886
Vase of flowers, 1886 Washerwomen at Pont-Aven, 1886 A little washerman, 1887
A seashore, 1887 Around the huts, 1887 At the pond, 1887
Coastal Landscape from Martinique, 1887 Huts under Trees, 1887 Madame Alexandre Kohler, 1887
Mango pickers (Martinique), 1887 Meadow in Martinique, 1887 Martinique Landscape, 1887
Palm trees on Martinique, 1887 Still life with mangoes and hibiscus, 1887 Tropical Conversation, 1887
Tropical Landscape, Martinique, 1887 A little cat, 1888 Apples in bowl, 1888
Aven running through Pont-Aven, 1888 Blue trees, 1888 Bouquet of Flowers with a Window Open to the Sea, 1888
Breton Boy by the Aven River, 1888 Breton Boys Wrestling, 1888 Breton Fisherman, 1888
Breton girls dancing, 1888 Breton Woman and Goose by the Water, 1888 Breton Woman with a Pitcher, 1888
Breton Women at the Turn, 1888 Captain Jacob, 1888 Cottages on Mount Sainte Marguerite, 1888
Cove opposite Pont-Aven Harbor, 1888 Dogs running through a field, 1888 Fisherman and bathers on the Aven, 1888
Fruits, 1888 Grape Harvest at Arles, 1888 Haymaking in Brittany, 1888
Head of a Breton, 1888 Kneeling cow, 1888 Landscape at Arles, 1888
Landscape near Arles, 1888 Landscape of Brittany, 1888 Landscape with geese, 1888
Lane at alchamps, Arles, 1888 Les Alyscamps, 1888 Little breton bather, 1888
Madame Roulin, 1888 Mas, near Arles, 1888 Meadow at the banks of Aven, 1888
Night café, Arles, 1888 Old Women of Arles, 1888 Path down to the Aven, 1888
Petit Breton arranging his shoe, or Landscape at Pont-Aven, Brittany, 1888 Portrait of a little boy, 1888 Portrait of a man wearing a lavalliere, 1888
Portrait of a woman, 1888 Portrait of Madelaine Bernard, 1888 River Aven below moun Saint Marguerite, 1888
Rocks on the breton coast, 1888 Seascape with cow on the edge of a cliff, 1888 Self portrait at Lezaven, 1888
Self-Portrait Dedicated to Vincent van Gogh, 1888 Sheperd and sheperdess in a meadow, 1888 Still Life Fete Gloanec, 1888
Still life with Japanese print, 1888 Still Life with Three Puppies, 1888 Swineherd, Brittany, 1888
The clog-maker, 1888 The first flowers, 1888 The Vision after the Sermon, 1888
The wave, 1888 Upstream of Pont-Aven, 1888 Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers, 1888
View of Pont-Aven from Lezaven, 1888 Washerwomen, 1888 Washerwomen at Roubine du Roi, 1888
Willow by the Aven, 1888 Young woman at the window, 1888 At the black rocks, 1889
Beach at Le Pouldu, 1889 Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin, 1889 Breton Boy in a Landscape with Goose, 1889
Breton Girls by the sea, 1889 Breton Landscape – Fields by the Sea, 1889 Brittany landscape with women carrying sack, 1889
Calvaire breton, 1889 Flutist on the cliffs, 1889 Haymaking, 1889
Human misery, 1889 In Brittany, 1889 Jeanne d’Arc, or Breton girl spinning, 1889
Landscape at Le Pouldu, the isolated house, 1889 Landscape with two breton women, 1889 Nostalgic Promenade, 1889
Portrait of Meyer de Haan by Lamplight, 1889 Portrait of two children, 1889 Rocks on the coast, 1889
Schuffenecker Family, 1889 Seated breton girl, 1889 Self Portrait with Halo, 1889
Still life Ripipont, 1889 Still Life with a Fan, c.1889 Still Life with Apples, a Pear and a Ceramic Portrait Jug, 1889
Still life with onions, beetroot and Japanese print, 1889 Still Life with Peaches, 1889 The Agony in the Garden, 1889
The Beautiful Angel, 1889 The creek, Le Pouldu, 1889 The Ham, 1889
The Kelp Gatherers, 1889 The large tree, 1889 The milkmaid, 1889
The red cow, 1889 The swineherd, 1889 The willows, 1889
The Wooden Gate, 1889 View of the beach at Bellangenai, 1889 Willows, 1889
Yellow Christ, 1889 Yellow Haystacks, 1889 Young breton by the sea, 1889
Young Breton Woman, 1889 Self portrait with mandolin, 1889 A blue roof (Farm in Pouldu), 1890
Haystacks in Brittany, 1890 Houses in le Pouldu, 1890 Kelp gatherers, 1890
Landscape at Le Pouldu, 1890 M. Loulou, 1890 Mimi and her Cat, 1890
Negreries Martinique, 1890 Nirvana, Portrait of Jacob Meyer de Haan, 1890 Peasant Woman and Cows in a Landscape, 1890
Portrait of woman against the Cezanne’s still life with apples, 1890 Redheaded woman and sunflowers, 1890 Seaside harvest, 1890
Self Portrait, 1890 Self Portrait with the Yellow Christ, 1890 Still life with apples and green vase, 1890
A big tree, 1891 A man with axe, 1891 Black pigs, 1891
Brooding Woman, 1891 Come here, 1891 Fire Dance, 1891
Flowers of France, 1891 In the Vanilla Grove, Man and Horse, 1891 Landscape with black pigs and a crouching Tahitian, 1891
Melancholic, 1891 Mother and Daughter, c.1891 Orana Maria (We Hail Thee Mary), 1891
Portrait of Atiti, c.1891 Portrait of Suzanne Bambridge, 1891 Road in Tahiti, 1891
Tahitian woman with flower in her hair, 1891 Tahitian women, 1891 The fisherwomen of Tahiti, 1891
The large tree, 1891 The lemon picker, 1891 The little valley, c.1891
The Meal (The Bananas), 1891 The Three Huts, 1891 Under the Pandanus, 1891
Woman with a Flower, 1891 Young Man with a Flower Behind his Ear, 1891 Arearea I, 1892
At the Foot of the Mountain, 1892 By the Sea, 1892 Cabin under the trees, 1892
Joyousness, 1892 Landscape with peacocks, 1892 Landscape with three trees, 1892
Olden times, 1892 She goes down to the fresh water, 1892 Still life with Tahitian oranges, 1892
Tahitian Scene, 1892 Tahitian village, 1892 Tahitian women under the palms, 1892
Taperaa Mahana, 1892 The house of singing, 1892 The moment of truth I, 1892
The morning, 1892 The rider in front of the hub, 1892 The sacred mountain, 1892
Two sisters, 1892 We Shall Not Go to Market Today, 1892 What’s New?, 1892
When are you Getting Married?, 1892 Woman with a Mango, 1892 Women at the banks of river, 1892
Women at the riverside, 1892 The dreaming, 1892 The hibiskus tree, 1892
The Royal End, 1892 Among the lillies, 1893 Barbarian music, 1893
Floral and vegetable motifs, 1893 Mysterious Water, 1893 Portrait of Louis Roy, 1893
Self Portrait in a Hat, c.1893 Self Portrait with the Idol, c.1893 Still life with mangoes, c.1893
Tahitian mountains, 1893 Tahitian woman near river, 1893 The Ancestors of Tehamana, 1893
The Messengers of Oro, 1893 The moment of truth II, 1893 Noa Noa Suite: Delightful Land, c.1893
A breton landscape. David’s mill., 1894 Breton village under snow, 1894 Christmas night, 1894
Farm in Brittany, 1894 Flowers in a fruit bowl, 1894 Orana Maria (Hail Maria), 1894
Paysannes bretones, 1894 Portrait of a mother, 1894 Portrait of William Molard, 1894
Reclining Tahitian Women, 1894 Sacred Spring, 1894 Self portrait with palette, 1894
Siesta, 1894 The Cellist, 1894 The guitar player, 1894
Village in the snow, 1894 Young Christian Girl, 1894 The child, 1895
A Canoe (Tahitian Family), 1896 Baby (Nativity of Tahitian Christ), 1896 Nativity, 1896
Portrait of a Young Woman, Vaite (Jeanne) Goupil, 1896 Scene from Tahitian Life, 1896 Self Portrait, 1896
Still life with teapot and fruits, 1896 Coming and going, Martinique, 1897 Vase of flowers, 1897
Coming and going, Martinique, 1897 Man Picking Fruit from a Tree, 1897 Landscape, 1897
The Bathers, 1897 Idol, 1898 Tahitian pastorale, 1898
The White Horse, 1898 Landscape, 1899 Tahitian woman and boy, 1899
The month of Maria, 1899 Three Tahitian Women against a Yellow Background, 1899 Three Tahitians, 1899
Flight, 1901 Landscape with three figures, 1901 Marquesan landscape with horses, 1901
Still Life with l’Esperance, 1901 Still Life with Sunflowers on an armchair, 1901 Tahitian idyll, 1901
Tahitian woman and two children, 1901 Riders on the beach, 1902 Riders on the beach II, 1902
Still Life with Parrots, 1902 The Sorcerer of Hiva Oa, 1902 Self portrait with spectacles, 1903
Bouquet of flowers Hut under the coconut palms The Coast of Bellangenay