Paolo Uccello Paintings

Paolo Uccello (1397 – December 10, 1475), born Paolo di Dono, was an Italian mathematician and painter who became famous for his pioneering in artistic visual perspective. Giorgio Vasari in his book, Lives of the Artists, mentioned that Uccello absorbed in drawing perspective that he would stay up all night to make an exact vanishing point. He utilized perspective achieve a sensation of depth in his paintings rather than to narrate stories, as his peers do. Uccello's works are characterized by Late Gothic traditions, emphasizing pageantry and color rather than the nuances that is emphasized in Classical realism. His style is classically seen as idiosyncratic. He was without a school of followers. Learn more »

Paintings by Paolo Uccello in Chronological Order

The Annunciation, c.1420 Crucifixion, 1430 Disputation of St Stephen, c.1435
Hope, c.1435 Roundel with Head, c.1435 Roundel with Head, c.1435
Saint Jerome and Saint Dominic, 1435 St.Dominic, c.1435 St.Francis, c.1435
St.Paul, c.1435 Stoning of St.Stephen, c.1435 The Adoration of the Magi, 1435
Equestrian Monument of Sir John Hawkwood, 1436 Adoration of the Child, 1437 Adoration of the Child, 1437
Christ on cross, 1438 The intervention of Micheletto Cotignola, 1438 Victory over Bernardino della Ciarda, 1438
Fresco in the cloister of San Miniato al Monte Loggia in Florence, 1439 Maria Birth Scene, 1440 Portrait of a Young Man, 1440
Scene Adoration of the Three Kings, 1440 Scene St. James of Todi, 1440 Scene Temple, Mary, 1440
Scenes of Monastic Life, c.1440 Scenes of Monastic Life, c.1440 Scenes of Monastic Life, c.1440
The Battle of San Romano, 1440 Head of Prophet, 1443 Head of Prophet, 1443
Head of Prophet, 1443 Oculus depicting The Nativity, 1443 Oculus depicting The Resurrection, 1443
Creation of Adam, 1445 Madonna, c.1445 Saints and two children, 1445
Scene of peace offerings, Noah's drunkenness and shame, 1448 Portrait Of A Lady, 1450 Portrait of a man, c.1450
Portraits of Giotto, Uccello, Donatello, Manetti and Bruno, c.1450 Madonna, 1452 Madonna, 1452
Episodes of the hermit life, 1460 The Hunt in the Forest, c.1460 The Adoration of the Child, 1463
A Young Lady of Fashion, 1464 Procession of re-ordained in a church, 1469 Two angels and two devils, 1469
St. George and the Dragon, c.1470 24 hours clock After a work
Flood Miracle Of The Desecrated Host Miracle Of The Desecrated Host
Naked child, since mid body, arms crossed Perspective Study of Mazzocchio Perspective Study of Mazzocchio
Portrait of a Lady Portrait of man in profile Portrait of Manuel Chrysoloras wearing a hat and holding a book
St.George and the Dragon Standing man The Adoration of the Kings
The Adoration of the Magi The Battle of San Romano The Battle of San Romano
The Flood Tobias and the Angel Vase in perspective