Paintings by Yves Tanguy

Yves Tanguy (1900 – 1955) was a French Surrealist painter. His early life and career was spent in service to the military. This changed in 1923 when Tanguy discovered Giorgio de Chirico’s artwork which inspired him to become a painter. Although he did not have any formal training, Tanguy matured quickly as an artist. In 1927, he exhibited his first works at the Galerie Surréaliste in Paris and continued to show his paintings in Surrealist galleries throughout his life.


Yves Tanguy’s paintings in chronological order:

I Came Like I Promised, 1926 Storm (Black Landscape), 1926 The Travelling Performers, 1926
Death Awaiting his Family, 1927 Extinction of Useless Lights, 1927 Large Painting Representing a Landscape, 1927
Mama, Papa is Wounded!, 1927 The Hand in the Clouds, 1927 Wind, 1927
Phantoms, 1928 Blue Bed, 1929 Outside, 1929
Promontory Palace, 1931 The Ribbon of Extremes, 1932 Tomorrow, 1938
Indefined Divisibility, 1942 Palace on windows rocks, 1942 Slowly Toward The North, 1942
Reply to Red, 1943 Through Birds Through Fire But Not Through Glass, 1943 Multiplicatiion of the Arcs, 1954

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