Winslow Homer Paintings

Winslow Homer (February 24, 1836 – September 29, 1910) was an American landscape printmaker and painter, famous for his marine subjects. Winslow is regarded as a top figure in American art and was one of the most respected painters in 19th century America. Learn more »

Paintings by Winslow Homer in Chronological Order

Croquet Scene, 1864 Croquet Players, 1865 Croquet Players, 1865
The Veteran in a New Field, 1865 Prisoners from the Front, 1866 The Bridal Path, White Mountains, 1868
Long Branch, New Jersey, 1869 The Country School, 1871 At the Window, 1872
Snap the Whip, 1872 Gloucester Harbor, 1873 The Bathers, 1873
The berry pickers, 1873 The Red School House, 1873 Fresh Eggs, 1874
Answering the Horn, 1876 Breezing Up (A Fair Wind), 1873-1876 Peeling a lemon, 1876
Autumn, 1877 Blackboard, 1877 Dressing for the Carnival, 1877
The new novel, 1877 Woman and Elephant, c.877 Fresh Air, 1878
Girl with Hay Rake, 1878 On the Fence, 1878 Spring, 1878
The Milk Maid, 1878 Warm Afternoon, 1878 Sunset Fires, 1880
Fisherwomen, Cullercoats, 1881 Mending the nets, 1881 Wreck of the iron crown, 1881
Girl Carrying a Basket, 1882 Incoming Tide, Scarboro Maine, 1883 Inside the bar, 1883
Maine Cliffs, 1883 The Life Line, 1884 The Red Canoe, 1884
Nebelwarnung (The Fog Warning), 1885 Shark Fishing, 1885 The coral divers, 1885
Spanish moss at tampa, 1886 For to be a farmer’s boy, 1887 Two Scouts, 1887
Palm trees (Bahamas), c.1888 Dog on a log, 1889 Flower garden and bungalow, Bermuda, 1889
Nach dem Tornado, 1889 Solitude, 1889 Rowing Home, 1890
Summer Night, 1890 Sunlight on the Coast, 1890 The West Wind, 1891
The woodcutter, 1891 Two Girls on the Beach, Tynemouth, 1891 A good shot, 1892
After the hunt, 1892 Boy Fishing, 1892 Hudson river, 1892
On the Trail, c.1892 The Blue Boat, 1892 Fox Hunt, 1893
High Cliff, Coast of Maine, 1894 The adirondack guide, 1894 Northeaster, 1895
The Guide, 1895 Under the Falls, the Grand Discharge, 1895 Canoe in the rapids, 1897
End of the Portage, 1897 Girl on a Swing, 1897 Hudson river, logging, 1897
A wall, Nassau, 1898 Palm tree, Nassau, 1898 The Turtle Pound, 1898
Under the coco palm, 1898 Salt Kettle, Bermuda, 1899 Shore at Bermuda, c.1899
The water fan, 1898-1899 West India divers, 1899 North road, Bermuda, 1900
West Point, Prout’s Neck, 1900 Road in Bermuda, c.1889-c.1901 Shooting the Rapids, c.1902
Key West, Hauling Anchor, 1903 Taking on wet provisions, 1903 Homosassa jungle (Florida), 1904
Summer Squall, 1904 The Turkey Buzzard, 1904 Diamond shoal, 1905
The Gulf Stream, 1906 Artists Sketching in the White Mountains Bass Fishing, Florida
Below Zero Camp Fire Coast of Maine
Eight Bells Farmer with a Pitchfork Fishergirl Baiting Lines
Game of Croquet Ile Malin In Front of Yorktown
Market Scene, Nassau Old Mill (The Morning Bell) Peach Blossoms
Perils of the Sea Rainy Day in Camp Sailing off Gloucester
Santiago de Cuba, Street Scene Song of the Lark Storm, Bahamas
Surf, Prout’s Neck The coming storm The Herring Net

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  1. Angelica Jock says:

    i think that this website is a great source for teens and other children to use for their ast classes.

  2. Britan Jock says:

    i alos think that this a wonderful website for children and teens to learn about the different artists and to look at their artwork and see the different paintings that were created by the famous artists.

  3. Martin Bouchard says:

    In a next publication on the history of our rivers, in Alma, Québec, Canada, I want to show the paintings of Winslow Homer of these rivers Grande et Petite Décharge (Grand and little discharge). This great american painter did 2-3 fishing trips in our country in 1897 and the early 1900’s. I live myself near the river he painted.

    The publication of 800 copies for our locality of Alma, will be made by a non commercial organization, the Society of history of Lake St-John, Quebec, Canada (

    Is it possible to have numeric file of the next paintings of Winslow Homer, with a min. of 1024 X 768 dpi, or 2 Mb?

    – Ile Malin, 1897;

    – Shooting-The-Rapids,-Saguenay-River, 1902,

    – Under the falls, the grand discharge, 1895, Private collection, water-colour, Brooklyn Museum;

    – Grand_Discharge,_Lake_Saint_John,_Province_of_Quebec- water-colour on graphite-W. Homer, 1902. Museum of fine arts, Boston

    If you can transfer these numeric pictures, can you give me other web sites I can have these?

    Thank You.
    Martin Bouchard, Alma, Québec, Canada

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