Paintings by Tom Thomson

Thomas John “Tom” Thomson (August 5, 1877 – July 8, 1917) was a 20th century artist from Canada. He influenced a number of Canadian painters that would eventually form the Group of Seven. Although he died before they formed themselves, he is sometimes incorrectly regarded as a member of the group . The circumstances under which Thomson died were mysterious, which compounded his mystique.

Tom Thomson’s paintings in chronological order:

Paintings by Tom Thomson

Morning Cloud, 1913 Lightning, Canoe Lake, 1915 Northern River, 1915
Round Lake, Mud Bay, 1915 Sunset, 1915 Evening, Canoe Lake, 1916
Forest Undergrowth I, 1916 Pine Island, Georgian Bays, 1916 Snow in the Woods, 1916
Woodland Waterfall, 1916 April in Algonquin Park, 1917 Early Spring, 1917
Maple Saplings, 1917 Northern Lights, 1917 Path Behind Mowat Lodge, 1917
The Jack Pine, 1917 The West Wind, 1917 Untitled (Wooden Landscape), 1917
Winter Thaw in the Woods, 1917 The Pool

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