Paintings by Tintoretto

Tintoretto (September 29, 1518 – May 31, 1594), birth name Jacopo Comin, was a notable Italian painter of the Renaissance school. His style is known for its muscular figures, bold perspectives, and dramatic gestures while at the same time retraining the light and color.

Tintoretto’s paintings in chronological order:

Paintings by Tintoretto

Deucalion and Pyrrha Praying before the Statue of the Goddess Themis, c.1542 Solomon and Sheba, 1542 The Supper at Emmaus, 1543
St George, 1544 Portrait of Procurator Nicolò Priuli, c.1545 Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, c.1545
The Conversion of Saul, c.1545 Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples, c.1547 Ecce Homo(Pontius Pilate Presenting Christ to the Crowd), 1547
Portrait of a Man aged Twenty six,, 1547 Self Portrait, c.1547 Esther before Ahasuerus, 1548
The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave, 1548 Young Man of the Renialme Family, 1548 St Roch in the Hospital, 1549
Assumption of the Virgin, c.1550 Christ and the Woman Taken in Adultery, c.1550 Man in Armour, c.1550
Portrait of a distinguished man, c.1550 Portrait of a Genoese Nobleman, c.1550 Portrait of Jacopo Soranso, c.1550
Portrait of Jacopo Soranzo, c.1550 St Jerome, c.1550 The Miracle of St Augustine, c.1550
Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine, Saint Augustine, Saint Marc and Saint John the Baptist, 1550 Creation of the Animals, 1551 Man with Gold Chain, c.1551
Portrait of Procurator Antonio Cappello, c.1551 Study, c.1551 Venus, Mars, and Vulcan, 1551
St Jerome and St Andrew, c.1552 The Murder of Abel, 1552 Portrait of Agostino Doria, 1553
St Louis, St George, and the Princess, c.1553 The Birth of John the Baptist, c.1554 Portrait of a Young Gentleman, c.1555
The Assumption, 1555 The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, 1555 The Queen of Sheba and Solomon, c.1555
The Martyrdom of St Paul, c.1556 The Presentation of the Virgin, 1556 The Vision of St Peter, c.1556
Young man in a gold decorated suit of armour, 1556 The Evangelists Luke and Matthew, 1557 The Evangelists Mark and John, 1557
The Annunciation to Manoah’s Wife, 1558 Deploration of Christ, 1559 Portrait of Doge Girolamo Priuli, 1559
Tamar and Judah, 1559 The Deposition, 1559 Crucifixion, c.1560
Lamentation over the Dead Christ, c.1560 Portrait of a Man, c.1560 Portrait of a Venetian Senator, c.1560
Saint George and the Dragon, c.1560 The Worship of the Golden Calf, c.1560 Marriage at Cana, 1561
Portrait of Giovanni Paolo Cornaro, 1561 Finding of the body of St Mark, c.1562 Moses Receiving the Tables of the Law, 1562
The Last Judgment, 1562 Birth of St John the Baptist, c.1563 Allegory of Faith, c.1564
Allegory of Generosity, c.1564 Allegory of Goodness, c.1564 Allegory of Happiness, c.1564
Allegory of the Scuola della Carità, c.1564 Allegory of the Scuola della Misericordia, c.1564 Allegory of the Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista, c.1564
Allegory of the Scuola di San Marco, c.1564 Allegory of the Scuola di San Teodoro, c.1564 Allegory of Truth, c.1564
Autumn, c.1564 Spring, c.1564 Summer, c.1564
The Apotheosis of St Roch, 1564 Christ Carried to the Tomb, c.1565 Portrait of a Collector, 1565
Portrait of a Collector, 1565 Portrait of Alvise Cornaro, 1565 Portrait of Jacopo Sansovino, c.1565
The Lamentation over the Dead Christ (Pietà), 1565 The Resurrection of Christ, 1565 Recovery of the corpse of St. Mark, 1566
St Mark Rescuing a Saracen from Shipwreck, 1566 Camerlenghi Madonna (Madonna of the Treasurers), c.1567 Christ before Pilate, 1567
Ecce Homo, 1567 Prophet, 1567 Prophet, 1567
St Roch in Prison Visited by an Angel, 1567 The Ascent to Calvary, 1567 The Crucifixion of Christ, 1568
The Descent into Hell, 1568 A Philosopher, 1570 Doge Alvise Mocenigo, c.1570
Last Supper, c.1570 Portrait of a Senator, c.1570 Portrait of Doge Pietro Loredan, 1570
Portrait of Doge Pietro Loredano, c.1570 Portrait of the sculptor Jacopo Sansovino, 1570 The Last Supper, c.1570
Portrait of Jacopo Sansovino, 1571 Sebastiano Venier, 1571 Doge Alvise I Mocenigo and Family Before the Madonna, c.1573
Portrait of a Man, c.1573 The Brazen Serpent, 1576 Miracle of the manna, c.1577
Moses Drawing Water from the Rock, 1577 The Miracle of St Agnes, c.1577 The Temptation of St Anthony, c.1577
Vulcan’s Forge, 1577 Elijah Fed by the Angel, 1578 Elisha Multiplies the Bread, 1578
Finding the True Cross, 1578 Jacob’s Ladder, 1578 Jonah Leaves the Whale`s Belly, 1578
The Eternal Father Appears to Moses, 1578 The Passover, 1578 The Pillar of Fire, 1578
The Sacrifice of Isaac, 1578 The Vision of Ezekiel, 1578 Frederick II conquered Parma in 1521, 1579
Judith and Holofernes, c.1579 Paradies, c.1579 The battle of the Taro, 1579
Christ on the Sea of Galilee, 1580 Federico I. Gonzaga, the city of Legnano, 1580 Portrait of a Senator, c.1580
Portrait of Sebastiano Venier with a Page, c.1580 Portrait of Vincenzo Morosini, 1580 Taking Milan by Federico II Gonzaga, 1580
The Dead Christ Adored by Doges Pietro Lando and Marcantonio Trevisan, c.1580 The descent from the Cross, 1580 Annunciation, 1581
Ascension of Christ, 1581 Probatica Piscina, 1581 Saint Roch, 1581
St Sebastian, 1581 The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1581 The Baptism of Christ, 1581
The Last Supper, 1581 The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, 1581 The Prayer in the Garden, 1581
The Raising of Lazarus, 1581 The Resurrection of Christ, 1581 The Temptation of Christ, 1581
The Adoration of the Magi, 1582 Portrait of Senator Marco Grimani, 1583 Conquest of Zara, 1584
Defence of Brescia, 1584 Doge Nicolò da Ponte Invoking the Protection of the Virgin, 1584 Doge Nicolò da Ponte Receiving a Laurel Crown from Venice, 1584
Triumph of Venice, 1584 Self Portrait with a Book, c.1585 St Mary Magdalen, 1587
St Mary of Egypt, 1587 The Annunciation, 1587 The Circumcision, c.1587
The Flight into Egypt, 1587 The Massacre of the Innocents, 1587 Self-portrait, 1588
The Apparition of St Roch, c.1588 Visitation, c.1588 Battle between Turks and Christians, 1589
Portrait of Nicolaus Padavinus, 1589 The Jews in the Desert, c.1593 Annunciation the Angel, 1594
Annunciation, Maria, 1594 Christ and the Adulteress, 1594 Entombment, 1594
The Assumption of the Virgin, 1594 Muse with Lute, 1594 The Last Supper, 1594
Allegory of Prudence Apollo (possibly Hymen) crowning a Poet and giving him a Spouse Aretino in the Studio of Tintoretto
Baptism of Christ Battle of Asola Battle of the Archangel Michael and the Satan
Christ Christ in the house of the Pharisee Christ washing the Feet of the Disciples
Christ with Mary and Martha Deposition Do not touch me
Double portrait of two men Doge Gerolamo Priuli Tintoretto Finding of Moses
Galeas For Montes Jacopo Robusti Il Tintoretto, Flora Lamentation
Madonna with Child and Donor Tintoretto Marcantonio Barbaro Paradise
Portrait of a Doge Portrait of a man Portrait of a Procurator of St Mark’s
Portrait of a Venetian admiral Portrait of a Woman Portrait of a Young Man
Portrait of Jacopo Sansovino Risen Christ with St.Andrew and members of Morosini family Rescue of Arsinoe
St Nicholas St. Christopher Sts Helen and Barbara Adoring the Cross
The Battle of Zara The Venetian ambassador to Barbarossa The Virgin and Child with four senators
The wise and foolish virgins Tintoretto at the deathbed of his daughter Women playing instruments

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