Paintings by Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese was an Italian Renaissance artist who was well known for his brilliant colors and large paintings. He took his name “Veronese” from his birthplace in Verona, however, he lived and practiced his art in Venice, Italy.

Veronese’s beautiful paintings usually focused on history, mythology or religion and he was well accustomed to painting on large surfaces such as ceilings and walls. He also created several altar pieces and portraits. By the end of his life, Veronese’s works of art were highly sought after and his paintings would later inspire some of the greatest artists that came after his time, such as Rubens, Tiepolo, Delacroix, and Renoir.

Paolo Veronese’s paintings in chronological order:

Raising of the Daughter of Jairus, c.1546 Conversion of Mary Magdalene, c.1547 Lamentation over the Dead Christ, c.1547
Mystic Marriage of St Catherine, 1547 Madonna Enthroned with Child, St John the Baptist, St Louis of Toulouse and Donors, 1548 Portrait of woman with a child and a dog, 1548
Deposition of Christ, 1549 Holy Family with Sts Anthony Abbot, Catherine and the Infant John the Baptist, 1551 Iseppo and Adriano da Porto, c.1551
Minerva between the Geometry and Arithmetic, 1551 Iseppo and Adriano da Porto, 1552 Livia da Porto Thiene and her Daughter Porzia, 1552
Temptation of St. Anthony, 1552 Portrait of a Young Man Wearing Lynx Fur, 1553 Coronation of the Virgin, 1555
St John the Evangelist, 1555 St Luke, 1555 St Mark, 1555
St Matthew, 1555 The Mystic Marriage of Sr Catherine, c.1555 Aged Oriental with a Young Woman, 1556
Esther Crowned by Ahasuerus, 1556 Juno Showering Gifts on Venetia, 1556 Jupiter Hurling Thunderbolts at the Vices, 1556
Martyrdom of St Justina, 1556 The Banishment of Vashti, 1556 The Triumph of Mordecai, 1556
The Triumph of Virtue over Vice, 1556 Transfiguration of Christ, 1556 Honor, 1557
Music, 1557 Music, Astronomy and Deceit, 1557 Adoration of the Shepherds, 1558
Annunciation, 1558 Annunciation, 1558 Assumption, 1558
Jesus among the Doctors, 1558 Monk with a Black Boy, 1558 St Sebastian, 1558
St Sebastian Reproving Diocletian, 1558 Three Archers, 1558 Annunciation, c.1560
Feast in the House of Simon, c.1560 Gentleman in Black, c.1560 Healing of the Lame Man at the Pool of Bethesda, 1560
Plato, c.1560 Portrait of a Venetian Woman (La Belle Nani), c.1560 Presentation in the Temple, 1560
St Mennas, c.1560 Sts Geminianus and Severus, c.1560 Bacchus, Vertumnus and Saturn, 1561
Baptism of Christ, c.1561 End wall of the Stanza del Cane, 1561 Figures behind the Parapet, 1561
Girl in the Doorway, 1561 Holy Family with St Catherine and the Infant St John, 1561 Hyman, Juno and Venus, 1561
Illusory Door, 1561 Mortal Man Guided to Divine Eternity, 1561 Muse with Lyre, 1561
Muse with Tambourine, 1561 Nemesis, 1561 Nobleman in Hunting Attire, 1561
Olympus Room, 1561 Prudence and Manly Virtue, 1561 Saturn (Time) and Historia, 1561
Vulcan and Venus, 1561 Madonna Enthroned with Saints, c.1562 St John the Baptist Preaching, c.1562
The Marriage at Cana, 1563 Martyrdom of Saint George, c.1564 Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, c.1565
Saints Mark and Marcellinus being led to Martyrdom, c.1565 Virgin and Child with Saints, 1565 Saint Barnabas healing the sick, 1566
Daniele Barbaro, 1567 Honor and power after the death of flourishes, 1567 Adoration of the Magi, c.1570
Holy Family with St Barbara and the Infant St John, c.1570 Portrait of Daniele Barbaro, 1570 The Resurrection of Christ, c.1570
The Adoration of the Virgin by the Coccina Family, c.1571 Adoration of the Magi, 1573 Feast in the House of Levi, 1573
Ceres Renders Homage to Venice, 1575 Martyrdom of Saint Justina, 1575 Portrait of Alessandro Vittoria, c.1575
Venice, Hercules, and Ceres, 1575 Religio and Fides (Religion and Faith), 1577 Venetia between Justitia and Pax, 1577
Mars and Neptune, 1578 Perseus freeing Andromeda, 1578 Sketch for Paradise (to decorate the room of the Grand Council of the ducal palace of Venice), 1578
The Annunciation, 1578 The Rape of Europa, c.1578 Cephalus and Procris, c.1580
Lucretia, 1580 Portrait of a young man in black, 1580 Portrait of Johann Jakob, 1580
Rebecca and Eliezer, c.1580 Rescue of Moses from the waters of the Nile, c.1580 St Anthony Preaching to the Fish, c.1580
St Jerome, c.1580 The finding of Moses, c.1580 The Vision of Saint Helena, c.1580
Pietà, c.1581 Baptism and Temptation of Christ, 1582 Crucifixion, 1582
Crucifixion, c.1582 Moderation, 1582 St Francis in Ecstasy, c.1582
St Nicholas Named Bishop of Myra, 1582 Sts Mark, James and Jerome with the Dead Christ Borne by Angels, 1582 The Martyrdom and Last Communion of Saint Lucy, 1582
Votive Portrait of Doge Sebastiano Venier, 1582 Youth between Virtue and Vice, 1582 Adoration of the Shepherds, 1583
Allegory of Wisdom and Strength( The Choice of Hercules or Hercules and Omphale), 1584 Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, 1584 Apotheosis of Venice, 1585
Conquest of Smyrna, 1585 Last Supper, c.1585 Rebecca at the Well, 1585
Siege of Scutari, 1585 Assumption of the Virgin, 1586 Assumption, 1587
Conversion of St Pantaleon, 1588 Susanna and the Elders, 1588 Adoration of the Shepherds
Aristotle Boy with a Greyhound Ceiling of the Sala dell’Olimpo
Christ Washing the Feet of the Disciples Crucifixion Do not touch me
Arachne(Dialects) Dead Christ Supported by Two Angels Happy Union
Jesus healing the servant of a Centurion Landscape Villa Barbaro (detail)
Martyrdom of St Sebastian Mystic Marriage of St Catherine Mystic Marriage of St Catherine
Portrait of a Gentlemen Portrait of a Lady Portrait of a Venetian Woman
Portrait of Agostino Barbarigo Portrait of architect Vincenzo Scamozzi Portrait of Mehmed II
Self-Portrait St. Lucy and a Donor Susanna in the Bath
The angel appears to Hagar in the desert The Consecration of Saint Nicholas The Dream of Saint Helena
The Fainting of Esther The Family of Darius before Alexander The Finding of Moses
The Holy Family The Holy Family with the Infant St. John the Baptist The Marriage at Cana
The Marriage of Saint Catherine The Rape of Europa Venus and Adonis with Cupid