Paintings by Julius LeBlanc Stewart

Julius LeBlanc Stewart (1855 – 1919) was an American-born artist who made a career for himself in Paris, France. His family’s wealth supported Stewart’s artistic endeavors and lavish lifestyle. He had the privilege of studying with Eduardo Zamacois and Jean-Léon Gérôme. Stewart’s work was exhibited many times in the Paris Salon. He was known for his sensuous portraits and group scenes which often featured many famous socialites and celebrities of his day.

Julius LeBlanc Stewart’s paintings in chronological order:

Spanish Girl, 1875 After The Ball, 1877 Lady On A Pink Divan, 1877
Young Woman In Blue, 1877 Young Woman at Piano, 1878 Quiet Day on the Seine, 1880
Summer”s Promenade, 1880 In The Park, 1882 Portrait Of Laure Hayman, 1882
Reclining Woman, 1882 Sarah Bernhardt and Christine Nilsson, 1883 An Idle Afternoon, 1884
On The Terrace, 1884 Reading, 1884 A Hunt Ball, 1885
An Enthralling Novel, 1885 The Seine at Bougival, 1885 Full Speed, 1886
Self Portrait, 1886 The Canal, 1887 Ladies with a Gentleman in a Top Hat, 1888
Repose, 1888 Woman in a Garden, 1888 Lady In Her Boudoir, 1889
The Hunt Supper, 1889 An Interesting Letter, 1890 Flower Girl, 1890
On the Yacht „Namouna“, Venice, 1890 Portrait of a Lady, 1892 The Baptism, 1892
Picnic Under The Trees, c.1895 Redemption, 1895 Room with a View, 1895
Woman in an Interior, c.1895 A Toast, 1896 An English Lady, 1896
Yachting in the Mediterranean, 1896 At Home, 1897 End of Summertime, the ride, form the cover of “Soleil du dimanche”, sunday 20th of October 1901, 1901
A Supper Party, 1903 Venetian Canal, 1905 Venetian Market Scene, 1907
View Of Venice (The Dogana), 1907 Portrait of a Woman, 1908 Portrait of Mrs Francis Stanton Blake, 1908
Rio della Maddalena, 1908 Forest Glade, Santa Barbara, 1918 Carolina
In the Boudoir Still Life with Asian Objects The Ball
The Visit Unknown Young Beauty In A White Dress

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