Paintings by Joseph Stella

Joseph Stella (1877 – 1946) was an Italian-American painter who created works of art depicting urban architecture, modern life, and religious themes. His work is largely associated with the Futurist and American Precisionist art movements. Stella often utilized bold, saturated colors and filled his canvases with busy, flowing compositions. He painted many iconic visions of the Brooklyn Bridge in his exploration of industrial America. Stella was also very good friends with the influential artists, Marcel Duchamp and Albert Gleizes.

Joseph Stella’s paintings in chronological order:

Luna Park, 1913 Futurist Composition, 1914 Brooklyn Bridge, 1918
Night View of Brooklyn Bridge, c.1918 Brooklyn Bridge, 1920 The Bridge, 1920
The Red Hat, 1924 The Amazon, 1925 Flowers, Italy, 1931
Bridge, 1936 The Brooklyn Bridge, 1939 A Vision
Apotheosis of the Rose Battle of Lights, Coney Island Battle of Lights, Coney Island
Brooklyn Bridge By-Products Plants Factories
Men, women and crianзas around the world united around Jesus Metropolitan Port Neapolitan Song
Knight of Roses Palm Tree and Bird Purissima
Serenade, A Christmas Fantasy The Ox The Virgin
Tree of My Life Tree of Nice Coney Island
Factories New York Interpreted V, The Bridge New York
Smoke Stack