Paintings by Jean-Antoine Watteau

Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684 – 1721) was a French painter during the Rococo movement. His paintings were influenced by the colors and sensibilities of Flemish and Dutch painters such as Rubens. Watteau’s work became very popular with the wealthy aristocracy due to its exploration of romance, courtship, and idyllic utopian scenes. He was also known to be inspired by Italian comedies and ballet, the theatrical subjects of which would often find their way into his artwork.


Jean-Antoine Watteau’s paintings in chronological order:

Arlecchino Emperor in the Moon, 1708 Cajoler, 1708 Faun, 1708
Satire on Physicians, 1709 The Bird Nester, c.1710 The Monkey Sculptor, c.1710
Ceres (Summer), 1712 The Marriage Contract, 1712 The Seducer, c.1712
Feast in Park, c.1713 The Foursome, c.1713 The pleasures of the ball, 1714
Italian Recreation, c.1715 Savoyard with a marmot, 1715 Sketch with Two Figures, 1715
The Recreations of War, 1715 The Serenader, c.1715 The view, c.1715
View through the Trees in the Park of Pierre Crozat, c.1715 An Embarrasing Proposal, 1716 Arlequin, Pierrot and Scapin, c.1716
Love in the French Theather, 1716 Portrait of M Pater, c.1716 Sitting Couple, c.1716
The Casual Lover, 1716 The Hardships of War, c.1716 The Harlekin, c.1716
The Italian Comedy, c.1716 The Lesson of Love, 1716 Two Cousins, c.1716
A Love Festival, c.1717 Gathering in the Park, c.1717 Maskerade, c.1717
The Champs Élyssées, c.1716 - c.1717 - Antoine Watteau
The Embarkation for Cythera, 1717 The Adventuress, c.1717 The Champs Élyssées, c.1717
The Delicate Musician, c.1717 The Feasts of Venice, c.1717 The Mezzetin”s Family, c.1717
The Scale of Love, c.1717 The Shepherds, c.1717 Two Seated Women, 1717
Pilgrimage on the Isle of Cythera, c.1718 Entertainment Countryside, c.1718 Party in the Open Air, 1718
The Blunder, 1718 The Charmes of Life, c.1718 Gilles, 1719
Mezzetin, 1719 Peaceful Love, c.1719 The Holy Family, 1719
Italian Comedians, c.1720 L”Enseigne de Gersaint, 1720 Merry Company in the Open Air, c.1720
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1720 Sylvia (Portrait of Jeanne Rose Guyonne Benozzi), c.1720 The Dance, 1720
The French Comediants, c.1720 The Halt during the Chase, c.1720 Happy Pierrot
The Camp The Capricious Girl The Flautist

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