Paintings by Jan Steen

Jan Steen (1626 – 1679) was a Dutch painter who is famous for his genre paintings depicting everyday life. He was also known to paint historical scenes, religious scenes, and portraiture. Steen was born in Leiden to a Catholic family who owned a tavern; he was one of eight children. In 1649, he moved in with the painter Jan van Goyen and married Goyen’s daughter, Margriet. Steen had many children and would often use his family as models for his paintings. “It’s a Jan Steen household” became a famous Dutch expression after his many genre paintings of messy, boisterous households which were often humorous in nature.

Jan Steen’s paintings in chronological order:

Fat Kitchen, c.1650 Lean Kitchen, c.1650 Meal, c.1650
Smoker, c.1650 Winter Landscape, c.1650 Quackdoctor, 1651
A Village Wedding, 1653 Peasants before an Inn, 1653 Village Festival with the Ship of Saint Rijn Uijt, c.1653
Burgher of Delft and his Daughter, 1655 Farmers to skittles, 1655 Action Proves the Man, 1659
Doctor’s Visit, c.1660 Girl eating oysters, 1660 Harpsichord Lesson, 1660
Idlers, 1660 In the Tavern, 1660 Liveliest, 1660
Love Sickness, 1660 Prayer before Meal, 1660 Prince`s day, 1660
Sick old Man, 1660 Wedding of Sarah and Tobias, c.1660 Doctor s Visit, 1662
Twelfth Night, 1662 Woman playing the sistrum, c.1662 Choice between Richness and Youth, 1663
Dancing couple, 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663
Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663
Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663
Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663 Dancing couple(detail), 1663
Pub garden, 1663 Skittle Players outside an Inn, 1663 Wealth is looking, 1663
Wealth is looking, 1663 Woman at Her Toilet, 1663 Celebrating the Birth, 1664
Dissolute Household, c.1665 An old to Young Girl, c.1665 Doctor’s Visit, 1665
Doctor’s visit, 1665 Effects of Intemperance, 1665 Feast of St. Nicholas, 1665
Life of Man, 1665 Little collector, 1665 Morning Toilet, 1665
Portrait of Geertruy Gael, Second Wife of Gerrit Gerritsz Schouten, 1665 Portrait of Gerrit Gerritsz Schouten, 1665 Prayer before Meal, 1665
Schoolmaster, 1665 Sick woman, 1665 The way you hear it, 1665
Country Wedding, 1666 Tric Trac Players, 1667 Inn with Violinist & Card Players, 1668
Marriage Contract, c.1668 Merry family, 1668 Rhetoricians, 1668
Samson and Delilah, 1668 School teacher, c.1668 Supper at Emmaus, c.1668
Twelfth Night, c.1668 Twelfth Night, 1668 Twin Birth Celebration, 1668
Wedding of Tobias and Sarah, 1668 Amnon and Tamar, 1670 Cheated groom, 1670
Couple in a Bedroom, 1670 Doctor`s visit, 1670 Return of the Prodigal Son, 1670
Samson and Delilah, 1670 Self-portrait, c.1670 Sick Woman, 1670
Tavern Scene, c.1670 Village school, c.1670 Wine is a Mocker, 1670
Merry Threesom, 1672 Wedding Feast at Cana, 1672 A Village Revel, 1673
Wrath of Ahasuerus, 1673 Egg Dance, 1674 Revelry at an Inn, 1674
Merry Company on a Terrace, 1675 Nocturnal Serenade, 1675 Garden Party, 1677
Worship of Golden Calf, 1677 A village wedding A Village Wedding Feast with Revellers and a dancing Party
Argument over a Card Game Arrival of a Visitor Baker Oostwaert and his wife
Baptism Bathsheba Receiving David s Letter Card players
Cat family Court Dancing lesson
Dissolute Household Drawing lesson Drinker
Drunk woman Easy Come, Easy Go Family holiday
Feast of the Chamber of Rhetoricians near a Town Gate Leaving the Tavern Merry Couple
Mother and Child Parrot cage Peasant Wedding
Quack Rhetoricians Robbed violin player
Sacrifice of Iphigenia Self-portrait with a lute Wedding of Tobias and Sarah