Paintings by Frank Stella

Frank Stella (born 1936) is an American painter and sculptor who is best known for his use of geometric, flat shapes. He studied history at the Princeton University, however in 1958 he moved to New York where he was exposed to the Abstract Expressionist movement. Stella found himself inspired by the works of Jasper Johns which lead to his first series of paintings known as the Black Paintings. These paintings helped to pave the way for minimalism. Stella created many colorful, clean, straightedged works. His methods and styles of creating have evolved throughout his career; for example, he constructed many three dimensional paintings and sculptures throughout the 1980s. Stella continues to work in New York.

Frank Stella’s paintings in chronological order:

Untitled Abstraction, 1956 Untitled (Green), 1957 Astoria, 1958
Blue Horizon, 1958 Seward Park, 1958 Untitled (Black and Orange), 1958
Die Fahne Hoch!, 1959 Jill, 1959 The Marriage of Reason and Squalor, 1959
Untitled, 1959 Tomlinson Court Park, 1959 Untitled, 1960
Pagosa Springs, 1960 Hampton Roads, 1961 Gran Cairo, 1962
Lake City, 1962 Untitled, 1964 Fez 2, 1964
Empress of India, 1965 Color Maze, 1966 Union I, 1966
Wolfeboro I, 1966 Sunapee I, 1966 Harran II, 1967
Ifafa II, 1967 Sunset Beach, Sketch, 1967 Turkish Mambo, 1967
Star of Persia I, 1967 Untitled, 1967 Fortín de las Flores, 1967
Delaware Crossing, 1967 Sabra III, 1967 Arbeit Macht Frei, 1967
Gezira (from Black Series II), 1967 Island No. 1p, 1967 Aghtana III, 1968
Black Adder (V Series), 1968 Khurasan Gate III, 1968 Protractor Variation IX, 1968
Untitled, 1968 Kufa Gate, 1968 Casa Cornu (First Version), 1969
Tahkt-I-Sulayman Variation II, 1969 Firuzabad, 1970 Referendum ’70, 1970
Telluride, 1970 Metropolitan Museum ‘M’, 1970 Oak Tree, 1970
Pastel Stack, 1970 Black Stack, 1970 River of Ponds I, 1971
Palmito Ranch, 1971 River of Ponds IV, 1971 Bonne Bay, 1971
River of Ponds, 1971 Michapol I, 1971 Odelsk III, 1971
Bogoria Sketch, 1972 Jasper’s Dilemma, 1972 Honduras Lottery Co., 1972
Carl Andre (from the Purple Series), 1972 Charlotte Tokayer (from the Purple Series), 1972 Kay Bearman (from the Purple Series), 1972
Olkienniki III, 1972 Sidney Guberman, from Purple series, 1972 Del Mar (from Race Track Series), 1972
Double Gray Scramble, 1973 Sidi Ifni (from America’s Hommage à Picasso), 1973 Tetuan III, 1973
Les Indes Galantes IV, 1973 Pilica II, 1973 Conway, 1974
Eccentric Polygons – Effingham, 1974 Olyka (III), from Paper Relief Project, 1975 Furg, 1975
Eskimo Curlew, 1976 Sinjerli Variation IV, 1977 Green Solitaire, 1977
Sinjerli Variations IIa, 1977 Inaccessible Island Rail, 1977 Shoubeegi, 1978
Guadalupe Island, Caracara, 1979 Polar Co-ordinates VII, 1980 Polar Co-ordinates V, 1980
Polar Co-ordinates Variant IIIa, 1980 Polar Co-ordinates IV, 1980 Talladega, 1980
Green Solitaire, 1981 Shards Variant Ia, 1982 Talladega Three II, from the Circuits series, 1982
Estoril Five II, from the Circuits series, 1982 Shards, 1982 Yellow Journal, 1982
Swan Engraving Circle II, State III, 1983 La scienza della pigrizia (The Science of Laziness), 1984 The Butcher Came and Slew the Ox, 1984
Giufà, la luna, i ladri e le guardie, 1984 And the Holy One, blessed be He…, 1984 Front Cover, from Had Gadya series, 1984
Salta nel mio Sacco, 1984 One Small Goat Papa Bought for Two Zuzim, 1984 Pegasus Three Double, 1984
The Great Heidelburgh Tun, 1988 Giufà e la berretta rossa, state II, 1989 The Waves I: Hark!, 1989
Counterpane, from The Waves series, 1989 The Musket, 1990 The Mat-Maker, 1990
The Fountain, 1992 Limanora, 1994 Whale Watch, 1994
Riallaro, 1995 Libertina, 1995 Hudson River Valley, 1996
Prinz Friedrich von Homburg, Ein Schauspiel, 3X, 2001 Latah, 2004 Brazilian Merganser
Rayy Sketch, YEAR Shards III, YEAR