Paintings by David Teniers the Younger

David Teniers the Younger (December 15, 1610 – April 25, 1690) was a Flemish artist who was born and raised in Antwerp. His father was David Teniers the Elder. His wife, Anna Breughel, was the granddaughter of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and the daughter of Jan Brueghel the Elder. His son, David Teniers III, and his grandson, David Teniers IV, were also painters.

David Teniers the Younger’s paintings in chronological order:

Paintings by David Teniers the Younger

A Monkey Encampment,, 1633 The Flautist, c,1635 Two Drunkards, c.1635
Smokers in an Interior, c.1637 The Musette Player, c.1637 The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels, 1639
Flemish Kermess, 1640 Tavern Scene, 1640 The Picture Gallery of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, 1640
The Temptation of St Anthony, 1640 Interior with a Gentleman Playing a Lute and a Lady Singing, c.1641 The Gallery of Archduke Leopold in Brussels, 1641
The Kermess at the Half Moon Inn, 1641 Peasants merrying outside an inn, 1642 Guardroom, 1642
A Smoker Leaning on a Table, 1643 Members of Antwerp Town Council and Masters of the Armaments Guild, 1643 Kitchen, 1644
Dulle Griet (Mad Meg), c.1645 Interior scene with a young woman scrubbing pots while an old man makes advances, c.1645 Landscape in the Suburbs of Brussels, c.1645
Monkeys in a Kitchen, c.1645 Peasants Dancing Outside an Inn, c.1645 Smoker, 1645
The Painter and His Family, c.1645 The Temptation of St. Anthony, c.1645 The Temptation of St. Anthony, c.1645
The Works of Mercy, c.1645 A View of Het Sterckshof near Antwerp, 1646 The Kitchen, 1646
The Village Feast, 1646 The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Picture Gallery in Brussels, c.1647 Peasants Dancing outside an Inn, c.1648
A Barn Interior, c.1650 An Old Peasant Caresses a Kitchen Maid in a Stable, c.1650 Country Kermess, c.1650
Peasants Bowling in a Village Street, c.1650 Peasants Merry-Making, c.1650 Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria in his Gallery, 1651
Archduke Leopold’s Gallery, 1651 Kermess, 1652 Village Revel with Aristocratic Couple, 1652
Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Picture Gallery, with the artist and other figures, 1653 Heron Hunting with the Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, c.1654 Landscape, c.1655
The Temptation of St. Anthony, c.1655 Peasants Dancing outside an Inn, c.1655 Figures Gambling in a Tavern, 1670
Return from the Hunt, 1670 Carnival: ‘The King Drinks’, 1690 A Bleaching Ground, YEAR
A man and woman smoking a pipe seated in an interior with peasants playing cards on a table An interior scene with pots, barrels, baskets, onions and cabbages with boors carousing in the background Arrival of Christina of Sweden in Brussel
Before the Inn Country celebration David Antonio Manocada repulses Caberra
Flanders In a Peasant Cottage Great Village Feast with a Dancing Couple Interior of a peasant dwelling
Landscape with a family Monkey Tavern On the Outskirts of a Town
Smokers and Drinkers Temptation of St. Anthony The Alchemist
The Hustle Cap The Old Man and the Maid The Temptation of St. Anthony
Village Feast Village Scene Village Scene

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