Paintings by Chaim Soutine

Chaim Soutine (1893 – 1943) was a French-Russian painter who was known for his expressive portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. He developed his own distinct style which favored mood, expression, texture, and color over classical representational painting. That being said, Soutine was highly influenced by the Old Masters of representational painting, particularly that of Rembrandt and Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. When he emigrated to Paris, he spent many hours in the Louvre studying the aforementioned artists’ works. Rembrandt’s Slaughtered Ox painting had a profound impact on Soutine and inspired him to create his own series of similar paintings known as the “Carcass of Beef”.

Chaim Soutine’s paintings in chronological order:

young-woman-by-chaim-sm still-life-with-lamp-by-chaim-sm still-life-with-soup-tureen-by-chaim-sm
Young Woman, c.1915 Still Life with Lamp, c.1916 The Cellist (Serevitsch), c.1916
the-cellist-serevitsch-by-chaim-sm young-man-wearing-a-small-hat.-by-chaim-sm herrings-and-a-bottle-of-chianti-by-chaim-sm
The Cellist (Serevitsch), c.1916 Young Man Wearing a Small Hat, c.1916 Herrings and a Bottle of Chianti, c.1916
red-houses-by-chaim-sm self-portrait-with-beard-by-chaim-sm self-portrait-by-curtain-by-chaim-sm
Red Houses, c.1917 Self Portrait by Curtain, c.1917 Self Portrait with Beard, c.1917
suburban-landscape-with-red-houses.-by-chaim-sm landscape-by-chaim-sm landscape-1-by-chaim-sm
Suburban Landscape with Red Houses, c.1917 Landscape, c.1918 Landscape, c.1918
landscape-at-cagnes-by-chaim-sm landscape-of-the-south-of-france-by-chaim-sm midday-landscape.-by-chaim-sm
Landscape at Cagnes, c.1918 Landscape of the South of France, c.1918 Midday Landscape, c.1918
self-portrait-by-chaim-sm ceret-landscape-by-chaim-sm white-house-on-a-hill-by-chaim-sm
Self Portrait, c.1918 White House on a Hill, c.1918 Ceret Landscape, c.1919
flowers-and-fish-1919-by-chaim-sm girl-in-red-by-chaim-sm gladioli-1919-by-chaim-sm
Flowers and Fish, 1919 Girl in Red, c.1919 Gladioli, c.1919
landscape-2-by-chaim-sm le-rouquin.-by-chaim-sm little-girl-with-doll-by-chaim-sm
Landscape, c.1919 Le Rouquin, c.1919 Little Girl with Doll, c.1919
old-woman-with-dog-by-chiam-sm parisian-suburb.-by-chaim-sm portrait-of-madame-x-also-known-as-pink-portrait-by-chaim-sm
Old Woman with Dog, c.1919 Parisian Suburb, c.1919 Portrait of Madame X (also known as Pink Portrait), c.1919
the-mad-woman-by-chaim-sm the-table-by-chaim-sm ceret-lanscape-by-chaim-sm
The Mad Woman, c.1919 The Table, c.1919 Ceret Landscape, c.1920
ceret-landscape-1.-by-chaim-sm houses-at-ceret-by-chaim-sm portrait-of-moise-kisling-by-chaim-sm
Ceret Lanscape, c.1920 Houses at Ceret, c.1920 Portrait of Moise Kisling, c.1920
houses-with-pointed-roofs-by-chaim-sm still-life-with-fish-by-chaim-sm little-pastry-cook-by-chaim-sm
Houses with Pointed Roofs, c.1921 Little Pastry Cook, c.1921 Still Life with Fish, c.1921
view-of-ceret-by-chaim-sm polish-woman-by-chaim-sm gorge-de-loup-sur-vence-by-chaim-sm
View of Ceret, c.1921 Polish Woman, c.1922 Gorge de Loup-sur-Vence, c.1923
hanging-hare-by-chaim-sm landscape-at-cagnes-la-gaude-by-chaim-sm pastry-cook-with-red-handkerchief-by-chaim-sm
Hanging Hare, c.1923 Landscape at Cagnes (La Gaude), c.1923 Pastry Cook with Red Handkerchief, c.1923
road-at-cagnes-by-chaim-sm carcass-of-beef(1).-by-chaim-sm desolation-1924-by-chaim-sm
Road at Cagnes, c.1923 Carcass of Beef, c.1924 Desolation, 1924
hen-and-tomatoes.-by-chaim-sm portrait-of-the-sculptor-oscar-miestchaninoff-by-chaim-sm street-of-cagnes-sur-ner-by-chaim-sm
Hen and Tomatoes, c.1924 Portrait of the Sculptor, Oscar Miestchaninoff, c.1924 Street of Cagnes-sur-Ner, c.1924
woman-in-red-by-chaim-sm houses-of-cagnes-by-chaim-sm landscape-of-cagnes-by-chaim-sm
Woman in Red, c.1924 Houses of Cagnes, c.1925 Landscape of Cagnes, c.1925
portrait-of-emile-lejeune-1925-by-chaim-sm woman-with-arms-folded-by-chaim-sm chartres-cathedral.-by-chaim-sm
Portrait of Emile Lejeune, 1925 Woman with Arms Folded, c.1929 Chartres Cathedral, c.1934
old-house-near-chartres-by-chaim-sm portrait-of-a-child-by-chaim-sm little-girl-in-blue-by-chaim-sm
Old House near Chartres, c.1934 Little Girl in Blue, c.1935 Portrait of a Child, c.1937
woman-in-profile-portrait-of-madame-tennent-by-chaim-sm girl-at-fence-by-chaim-sm two-children-on-a-road-by-chaim-sm
Woman in Profile (Portrait of Madame Tennent), c.1937 Girl at Fence, c.1939 Two Children on a Road, c.1939
portrait-of-a-woman-by-chaim-sm mother-and-child-by-chaim-sm two-children-on-a-road-1-by-chaim-sm
Portrait of a Woman, c.1940 Mother and Child, c.1942 Two Children on a Road, c.1942

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