Paintings by Carl Spitzweg

Carl Spitzweg (1808 – 1885) was a German Romantic genre painter of the Biedermeier period. The Biedermeier period in art history refers to the depiction of everyday life through a sentimental and appreciative lens. Spitzweg originally studied to become a pharmacist, however, he became interested in painting while recovering from an illness. He was primarily self taught, and spent much of his time studying the Flemish masters. Spitzweg’s genre paintings were beautifully rendered, playful, and sometimes plainly humorous.

Carl Spitzweg’s paintings in chronological order:

the-poor-poet-1837-by-carl-sm the-butterfly-hunter-1840-by-carl-sm sunday-stroll-1841-by-carl-sm
The Poor Poet, 1837 The Butterfly Hunter, 1840 Sunday Stroll, 1841
englishman-in-the-campagna.-by-carl-sm resting-on-the-vine.-by-carl-sm the-sunday-hunting-by-carl-sm
Englishman in the Campagna, c.1845 Resting on the Vine, c.1845 The Sunday hunting, c.1845 a-visit.j-by-carl-sm once-upon-a-time-the-knitting-outpost.-by-carl-sm
Sleeping guards, 1848 A visit, c.1850 Once upon a time (the knitting outpost), c.1850
rose-scent-memory-1850.j-by-carl-sm the-fisherman.-by-carl-sm italian-street-singer.j-by-carl-sm
Rose scent memory, 1850 The fisherman, c.1850 Italian street singer, 1850
praying-peasant-girl-in-the-woods.j-by-carl-m the-portrait-painter-1855.j-by-carl-sm the-serenade-1855.-by-carl-sm
Praying peasant girl in the woods, c.1855 The portrait painter, 1855 The serenade, 1855
tyrolean-toll-house-1855-by-carl-sm the-cactus-lover.-by-carl-sm women-s-bath-in-dieppe-by-carl-sm
Tyrolean toll house, 1855 The Cactus Lover, c.1856 Women’s bath in Dieppe, c.1857
ash-wednesday-1860-by-carl-sm backstage-1860-by-carl-sm in-the-synagogue.-by-carl-sm
Ash Wednesday, 1860 Backstage, 1860 In the Synagogue, c.1860
suspicious-smoke.-by-carl-sm the-alchemist-by-carl-sm the-flute-recital-1860.-by-carl-sm
Suspicious smoke, c.1860 The Alchemist, c.1860 The Flute Recital, 1860
the-geologist.-by-carl-sm the-intercepted-love-letter-by-carl-sm the-knitting-outpost-by-carl-sm
The geologist, c.1860 The Intercepted Love Letter, c.1860 The knitting outpost, c.1860
girl-with-goat-1861-by-carl-sm walk-with-the-institute-by-carl-sm the-picnic-1864.-by-carl-sm
Girl with goat, 1861 Walk With the Institute, c.1861 The Picnic, 1864
the-hypochondriac-1865-by-carl-sm the-sunday-walk.j-by-carl-sm he-comes-by-carl-sm
The Hypochondriac, 1865 The Sunday walk, c.1865 He comes, c.1870
mountain-hike-trip-to-duke-stand.-by-carl-sm the-visit-of-the-father-by-carl-sm thunderstorm.-by-carl-sm
Mountain Hike (Trip to Duke Stand), c.1870 The visit of the father, c.1870 Thunderstorm, c.1870
bathing-nymphs.-by-carl-sm a-hunter-looking-to-a-young-girl.j-by-carl-sm the-night-watchman-has-fallen-asleep.j-by-car-sm
Bathing nymphs, c.1873 A hunter looking to a young girl, c.1875 The night watchman has fallen asleep, c.1875
ankunft-in-seeshaupt-by-carl-sm arts-and-science. by carl-la the-stagecoach-1880-by-carl-sm
Arrival in Seeshaupt, c.1880 Arts and Science, c.1880 The stagecoach, 1880
the-writer.-by-carl-sm arts-and-science.-by-carl-sm the-stork-1885.-by-carl-sm
The Writer, c.1880 Washerwomen at the Well, c.1880 The stork, 1885
eastern-market-by-carl-sm harem-by-carl-sm swabian-girls-at-a-garden-fence.j-by-carl-sm
Eastern market Harem Swabian Girls at a Garden Fence
the-book-worm.-by-carl-sm the-botanist-by-carl-sm the-fisherman-1-by-carl-sm
The Book Worm The Botanist The fisherman
the-musical-beggar.-by-carl-sm turk-in-enger-gasse-by-carl-sm washerwomen-at-the-well-1.-by-carl-sm
The Musical Beggar Turk in Enger Gasse Washerwomen at the Well

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