Oskar Kokoschka Paintings

Oskar Kokoschka (1886 – 1980) was an Austrian artist who became well known for his Expressionist portraits and landscapes. His portraiture is characterized by exaggeration, bold brushwork, and his attempt to capture his sitter’s psychological state of mind. Kokoschka served in World War I and was seriously injured twice. His experiences on the battlefield inspired many of his paintings, poetry, and plays. During the rise of the Nazi regime, Kokoschka’s paintings were labeled as “degenerate” which eventually forced him to flee from Austria to England. He is considered to be one of Vienna’s leading avant-garde artists.

Paintings by Oskar Kokoschka in Chronological Order:

Portrait of Karl Kraus, 1901 Illustration for ‘Die Traumenden Knaben’, 1908 Girl with hands raised, 1908
Robinson, 1908 Portrait of Commerce Counselor Ebenstein, 1908 Poster Design for the Jubilee Procession of the Kaiser, 1908
Adolf Loos, 1909 Children playing, 1909 Girl with a Yellow Headband, 1908-1909
Martha Hirsch, 1909 Hans Tietze and Erica Tietze-Conrat, 1909 Veronica’s Veil, 1909
Child with the hands of a parent, 1909 Ludwing Ritter von Janikowsky, 1909 Portrait of Lotte Franzos, 1909
Bessie Bruce, 1910 Conte Verona, 1910 Paul Scheebart, 1910
The Annunciation, 1911 The Annunciation, 1911 Crucifixion (Golgotha), 1912
Alma Mahler, 1912 Self-Portrait, 1913 Self-portrait with a brush up, 1913
Portrait of a Young Girl, 1913 Franz Hauer, 1913 Bride of the Wind, 1914
Self-Portrait (bust with pen), 1914 Traveler in a Thunderstorm, 1914 Dragons over a Flame, 1914
The Woman Leads the Man, 1914 The Supplicant, 1914 Fear and Hope, 1914
The Last Night, 1914 Man and Woman on the Road to Death, 1914 Emil Lowenbach, 1914
Bodegón with Affair and Rabbit, 1914 Albert Ehrenstein, 1914 Portrait of the Composer Anton von Webern, 1914
Knight Errant (Self-Portrait), 1915 Princess Mechtilde Lichnowsky, 1916 Lovers with Cat, 1917
Orfeus and Euridice, 1917 Sleeping Woman, 1917 The Distant Island, 1917
Couples in Conversation, 1917 The Sleepers, 1917 The Awakenings, 1917
Self-Portrait with Hand by his face., 1919 Dresden Neustadt, 1919 Self-Portrait with Doll, 1921
Mother and Child, 1921 The Elbe Near Dresden, c.1921 The Elbe at Dresden, 1922
Two children, 1922 Augustus Bridge – Dresden, 1923 Self Portrait with Crossed Arms, 1923
Arnonld Schönberg, 1924 Venice – Boats on the Dogana, 1924 Amsterdam, 1925
Adele Astaire, 1926 Lyon, 1927 The Morabito of Temacina, 1928
View of Constantinople, 1929 Arab Woman and Child, 1929 View of Prague, 1934
Charles Bridge, 1934 Self-portrait of a ‘Degenerate Artist’, 1937 Polperro II, 1939
The red egg, 1940-1941 Loreley, 1941-1942 Anschluß – Alice in Wonderland, 1942
Cardinal della Costa, 1948 Venice Dogana, 1948 Self-portrait (Fiesole), 1948
The Rejected Lover, 1966 Dent du Midi Dolomite Landscape: Tre Croci
Gitta Wallerstein The Hunt OK at Easel
A Girl with Flowers Flight into Egypt  
Pieta Portrait of Carl Moll Still life with a slaughtered lamb
Stockholm Harbour The Power of Music