Office in a Small City

Office in a Small City
Artist Edward Hopper
Year 1953
Medium Oil on canvas
Location Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Dimensions 28 in × 40 in
71 cm × 102 cm
Edward Hopper Famous Paintings
Nighthawks, 1942
Automat, 1927
Early Sunday Morning, 1930
Room in New York, 1932
Hotel Lobby, 1943
Chop Suey, 1929
Office at Night, 1940
Office in a Small City, 1953
Girl at Sewing Machine, 1921
Complete Works

Office in a Small City was done in a post-war culture of the American business in the mid-20th century. The painting reflects the vastness of the city and the starkness and loneliness of the American life. The painting gives the sense of an isolated, lonely office, where the office worker is sitting there daydreaming, isolated physically and emotionally from the rest of the world. The office itself is isolated by elevating it in the air. The use of window in this painting portrays the feature of waiting or daydreaming.

About the Painter

Edward Hopper, one of America’s best loved artists, was born in the small city of Nyack in 1882. He studied illustration from New York State school before switching to New York Art School in 1901. Here, he studied under American realist, Robert Henri. Edward’s work had cinematic quality that influenced many Hollywood directors, including Todd Haynes and Alfred Hitchcock. His paintings reflected the mood and feel of the twentieth century. His most popular work, The House by the Railroad gained him much popularity all over the world.

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