Oddi Altarpiece

Oddi Altarpiece
Artist Raphael
Year 1502-1504
Medium Oil tempera (egg-oil) on canvas
Location Vatican Pinacoteca, Vatican City
Dimensions 105 in × 64 in
267 cm × 163 cm

The Oddi Altarpiece was painted by Raphael, a prominent Italian master painter. The material used was oil tempera on canvas. The painting measures two hundred sixty seven centimeters by one hundred sixty three centimeters. It was created between the years 1502 to 1504. The work was originally for the Oddi family’s chapel altar which can be found in Perugia, specifically in San Francesco al Prato church. Today, the Oddi Altar can be viewed at the Vatican Pinacoteca in Vatican City, Italy. What stands out in the painting is the coronation of Virgin Mary on the top part while the lower part highlights the gathering of the apostles surrounding the Virgin Mary’s tomb with St. Thomas holding the girdle.