Norman Rockwell Paintings

Norman Percevel Rockwell (February 3, 1894 – November 8, 1978) was an American illustrator and painter of the 20th-century. His works are famous for their portrayal of American culture. Rockwell is prominent for the cover illustrations of everyday life scenes he created for the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, for more than four decades. Learn more »

Paintings by Norman Rockwell in Chronological Order

Scouting with Daniel Boone, 1914 Boy with Baby Carriage, 1916 The Circus Barker, 1916
Cousin Reginald Plays Pirate, 1917 They Remembered Me, 1917 Grandfather and Snowman, 1919
The Party Favour, 1919 The US Army Trades, 1919 And the Symbol of Welcome is Light, 1920
But wait til next week, 1920 Grandpa Listening In on the Wireless, 1920 Is He Coming?, 1920
Little boy writing a letter, 1920 Retribution, 1920 A Drum for Tommy, 1921
A Pilgrim`s Progress, 1921 Girl reading Palm, 1921 And Daniel Boone Comes to Life on the Underwood Portable, 1923
Home Sweet Home, 1923 Top Hat and Tails, 1923 Daydreaming Bookeeper (Adventure), 1924
Hobo and Dog, 1924 Parade, 1924 Attic Memories, 1925
Boy and Girl gazing at the Moon, 1926 Pipe and Bowl sign Painter, 1926 Babysitter, 1927
Good Friends, 1927 Little Boy holding Chalk Board, 1927 Fruit of the Vine, 1930
Gary Cooper as the Texan, 1930 The Puppeteer, 1932 Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit, 1934
Vacation Boy riding a Goose, 1934 Christmas Santa Reading Mail, 1935 Couple in Rumble Seat, 1935
Man seated by a Radiator, 1935 Marriage License, 1935 Spring Tonic, 1936
Gaiety Dance Team, 1937 Road Line Painter’s Problem, 1937 The Waiting Room, 1937
The most beloved american writer, 1938 Marble Champion, 1939 A Scout Is Helpful, 1941
Winchester Stagecoach, 1941 Abraham Delivering the Gettysburg Address, 1942 Freedom From Fear, 1943
Freedom of Speech, 1943 Freedom to Worship, 1943 Mine America`s, 1943
Rosie the Riveter, 1943 William Gillis in Convoy, 1943 Man Charting WManeuvers, 1944
The American Way, 1944 The Fighting Gillises, 1944 The Tattooist, 1944
Visits a Ration Board, 1944 Willie Gillis New Years Eve, 1944 Homecoming Marine, 1945
Study for home on Leave, 1945 Thanksgiving Mother and Son Peeling Potatoes, 1945 The Swimming Hole, 1945
War News, 1945 Charwomen in Theater, 1946 Maternity Waiting Room, 1946
Willie Gillis in College, 1946 Boy in a Dining Car, 1947 Going and Coming, 1947
Visits a Country Doctor, 1947 April Fool Girl with Shopkeeper, 1948 Game Called Because of Rain, 1949
New Television Antenna, 1949 The Lineman, 1949 Christmas Dance, 1950
Shuffleton’s Barbershop, 1950 Solitaire, 1950 Oh boy, it’s Pop with a new Plymouth, 1951
Saying Grace, 1951 Portrait of Norman Rockwell Painting the Soda Jerk, 1953 Breaking Home Ties, 1954
Girl at Mirror, 1954 Flowers in Tender Bloom, 1955 Football Hero, 1955
Delight, 1956 Teacher’s Birthday, 1956 Checkup, 1957
Before and After, 1958 Grandpa and Me picking daisies, 1958 The Peephole, 1958
The Runaway, 1958 Weighing in, 1958 A Family Tree, 1959
Portrait of John F.Kennedy, 1960 Skiers on a Train, 1962 The Connoiseur, 1962
The problem we all live with, 1964 Southern Justice, 1965 The Music Man, 1966
Man on the Moon, 1967 Spring Flowers, 1969 A Tough One

Airplane Trip

Art Critic
Artist Facing Blank Canvas

Asleep with Book


Baseball vs Progress

Before The Date

Beguiling Buttercup

Ben Franklins Sesquicentennial
Boy Reading Adventure Story

Bunny Boy

Christmas Homecoming
Carefree days ahead

Careful Aim


Chello OldMan LittleGirl

Chilly Reception
Choosin Up

Christmas Trio

Clown Training Dogs

Cobbler Studying Doll’s Shoe

Cousin Reginald Spells Peloponnesus


Day in the life of a little Girl

Doctor and Doll

Downhill Daring
Election Day

Endless Debate

Faces of Boy
Faces of Girl

Facts Of Life

Family home from Vacation

Fire Rescue

Fishermans Paradise



Fondly Do We Remember

Forgotten facts about Washington

Gaily Sharing Vintage Times

Ghostly gourds
Girl Broom Kitten

Girl Running with Wet Canvas


Ichabod Crane

Is He Coming
Jeers from Crowd

Jolly Postman


Lincoln for the Defence

Look Away
Lost Girl

Lunch Break with a Knight

Melting Ice Cream
Merrie Christmas Couple Dancing Under the Mistletoe


Movie star
Mysterious Malady


New Player
News Kiosk in the Snow

No Swimming

On top of the world
Painting coat


Piano Tune




Portrait of Nehru
Pride Of Parenthood

Radio Phone

Reading Book
Relaxing in Chair


Running with Pie


Saturday Evening Post July 1937
Self Portrait


Sleeping Boy
Soapbox Racer

Soldier and comrads

Stuck Inside


Sweet Serenade
The Day I Painted Ike

The discovery

The Drugist
The Expert Salesman

The Facts of Life

The Final Impossibility: Man’s Tracks on the Moon
The Golden Rule

The gossips

The Land of Enchantment
The watchmaker of Switzerland

Tom Sawyer (Whitewashing the Fence)

Trap in Elmville
Trumpet Practice

Two Old Men and Dog

University Club

Willie Gillis Girls with Letters

Willie was Different
Writing on the fence

Year End Count

Young Lawyer