Nicolas de Staël Paintings

Nicolas de Staël (January 5, 1914 – March 16, 1955) was a French painter who was originally from Russia. He was known for thick impasto techniques and his highly abstract landscape paintings. He also worked with textiles, illustrations, and collages. Learn more »

Paintings by Nicolas de Staël in Chronological Order

Composition, 1947 Composition, 1947 Composition, 1949
Composition, 1950 Bord de Mer, 1952 Fleurs rouges, 1952
Gentilly, 1952 Le Phare, 1952 Les Musiciens, 1952
Nature morte, 1952 Paysage, 1952 Agrigente, 1953
Composition on Red Ground, 1953 Fiesole, 1953 Figure accoudée, 1953
Flowers, 1953 Paysage de Vaucluse No. 3, 1953 Paysage méditerranéen, 1953
Sicile (Agrigente), 1953 Les Martigues (Composition), 1954 Marseille under snow, 1954
Nature morte au verre, 1954 Nu couché, 1954 Paysage, 1954
Poires sur une assiette rose, 1954 Chemin de fer au bord de la mer, soleil couchant, 1955 Le concert, 1955
Nature morte, 1955 Nature morte en gris, 1955 Nu bleu couché, 1955
Abstract Composition Bâteau Bouteilles
Ciel Composition Livres
Marine au cap Marine Méditerranée 01
Ménerbes Nature morte, poires, fond vert et orange Orage
Paysage de Provence Paysage du midi Paysage méditerranéen
Study in Colour No. 1 (Woimant Staël 93) Syracuse

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  1. Edward Lobb says:

    Is it redundant to paste my comment above in this space? It allows for corrected spelling. Many of his most abstract canvases are in Antibes, at the incredible museum created by Picasso, who was devoted to enlarging the legacy of this modern master. It’s emotionally stirring to be amid the work, as waves pound beneath the structure, echoing within the grey concrete walls that are slashed here and there with brilliant Mediterranean light.

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