Natalia Goncharova Paintings

Natalia Goncharova (1881–1962) was a Russian avant-garde artist known for her paintings, illustrations, and set designs. She was inspired to pursue art when she met Mikhail Larionov, a fellow artist who became her lifelong partner. While she lived in Moscow she participated in many radical independent exhibitions such as the Jack of Diamonds (1910), The Donkey’s Tail (1912), and The Target (1913). Goncharova later moved to Paris in 1917 and began showing her work internationally. Later in her career her focus shifted towards costume and set design for ballets, though she never fully gave up painting.

Paintings by Natalia Goncharova in Chronological Order:

Fruit, 1900 Still life with shoe and mirror, c.1906 Self-portrait with yellow lilies, 1907
Sheep shearing, 1907 Young Man with a Goatee, 1907 Landscape at Ladyzhino, c.1907-c.1908
Linen, 1908 Pillars of salt, 1908 Stone maiden (Still life), 1908
Planting potatoes, 1908-1909 Boy with rooster, 1910 Elder with seven stars, c.1910
Haycutting, c.1910 Haymaking, c.1905-c.1910 Nativity, 1910
Peasant Women, c.1910 Round dance, 1910 Green forest, 1911
Harvest, 1911 Moscow Street, 1911 Peasants dancing, 1911
The evangelists (in four parts), 1911 The ice cutters, 1911 The little station, 1911
The rowers, 1911 Washerwomen, 1911 Woodcutters, 1911
Flowers, 1912 Icon painting motifs, 1912 Sabbath, 1912
Still life with ham, 1912 Airplane over train, 1913 Cats (Rayonist perception in rose, black and yellow), 1913
Cyclist, 1913 Dynamo machine, 1913 Electric lamp, 1913
Portrait of Larianov, 1913 Rayonist lilies, 1913 The weaver (loom+woman), 1912-1913
Yellow and green forest, 1913 Cockerel, 1914 Composition, 1913-1914
Espagnole, 1914 Forest (Red-green), 1913-1914 Liturgy – sketch of a costume, 1914
Liturgy six winged Seraph, 1914 Liturgy, St. Andrew, 1914 Liturgy, The Seraph’s costume, 1914
Russian woman’s costume from Le coq d’or, 1914 Mask, 1915 Still Life with a Tige, 1915
Orange Vendor, Spain, 1916 Spanish Dancers, c.1918 Design for final backcloth, 1926
Project poster for the ballet by Manuel de Falla, El amor brujo, c.1935 Corner of a garden Sun Costume design for bride
Dogwood Blossoms Flower vase Harmony in Blue and Green. Abstract Composition
Pink Light Portrait of a woman (Tatiana Ryabushinskaya) Still Life