Mond Crucifixion

Mond Crucifixion
Artist Raphael
Year 1502–3
Medium Oil on poplar
Location National Gallery, London
Dimensions 111.5 in × 65.9 in
283.3 cm × 167.3 cm

Italian painter Raphael made the Mond Crucifixion from the years 1502 to 1503. His medium is oil on poplar. The painting is two hundred eighty three centimetres long and one hundred sixty seven centimetres wide. Today, the Mond Crucifixion is housed at the National Gallery in London. The painting is influenced by Perugino, the teacher of Raphael. It used to be an altarpiece in the San Domenico church. The painting shows a Jesus that looks at peace even as he is nailed on the cross and dying. Angels are also shown in the painting who are holding out chalices where Jesus’ blood would drip.

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